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Mar 27, 2012 08:30 AM

Westchester Burger Co Mt Kisco/Bedford Hills

So I have been looking foward to trying this place out. Not that we need another restaurant but it's a nice change to the area and very kid friendly. I am not sure if its Mount Kisco or Bedford Hills side but it's where the old 353 used to be.
Hubby and I arrived on a Sunday, with baby in tow, at the peak time of 6pm. First sadly, the parking is way to small for the amount of cars trying to park. We got lucky to get a table and a parking spot since I happend to be double parked next to it. 3 cars came and left the lot and 2 cars were waitng for other cars to leave.
It was packed, as you can imagine, with tons of families with kids. Note, if you do not like children or loudness avoid this place on the early side on a weekend. After 7:30pm things were calming down. I am sure it's not to crazy on a weeknight.
We were sat right away after the hostess made us walk all around the restaurant since she did not know where to put us....A little lost.
The waitress was so nice and accomadating. My baby boy flirted with the ladies at the next table. Love thy neighbor since tables are close together.
They are still newbies and the staff seemed confused and flustered at times.
So the burger. Maybe it's me since I like seaonings in mine when I make them at home and I do not use chuck meat either.... but I found the burgers, way to tough even though it was cooked perfectly at med/rare. Also it was bland....No seasoning or salt. I was dissapointed since I was waiting for it all day!
The drinks were reasonably priced and the apps were good. I recommend the beer batter scallops. You can taste the scallops!
I will def go back and try other items on the menu,Sadly the burger is off my list. I enjoyed being there and look foward to my next trip.
Has anybody else gone and what's your opinion??

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  1. I have been to Westchester Burger quite a few times, I have never found the burger tough or bland as a matter of fact my favorite is the Napa always the tastiest and cooked perfectly, I ask for mine medium well. Service in all three of Westchester Burger Co. excellent, I always look foward to going to Westchester Burger and have never been disappointed with anything food and service always spot on A #1.

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      Went last night with my family. They did a nice job fixing the space up. Very busy, as one person commented, definitely a family kid friendly restaurant. Had the onion soup, good but served warm and served with a teaspoon which I didn't like. I had the bison burger wrapped in lettuce (kind of like animal style at In& Out Burger) onions and horseradish pickles. Thought it was very tasty but would have appreciated a better piece of iceberg to pick it up with. My son had the lamb burger and my wife had the Cobb salad, both of which they liked. Service was a bit long but am confident they'll get it together. All in all, I'm happy they're here.

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