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Mar 27, 2012 08:14 AM

Restaurants That Can Handle group of 10-15

I will be in your lovely city in June for a conference. I'm staying at the Hilton on Poydras but we will have a car. Each year I am tasked with finding the restaurant because I'm the foodie in the group. The group changes a little each year but everyone is looking for good food that is representative of the area where we are. We are basically 40 plus in age with a variety of tastes. Reading your board, I am considering Brigtsen's, Cafe Atchafayla, Galatoire's, Casamento's, Commander's Palace and La Boca but I'm certainly open to other suggestions. Of those that I've mentioned, do you think they can all handle a large party of 10-15? We don't need a private room but that would be fine. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Consider Muriel's. It's in the FQ and has private rooms if you need them. Their balcony overlooking Jackson Square is a great place for drinks.

    Muriel's @ 801 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA. 504 - 568 - 1885.

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      Muriel's has yet to come through for me, but many here, do enjoy them.

      The balcony seating is great, but when it comes to either food, or service, I just scratch my head.

      Obviously, you have had better experiences, that I have.


    2. Casamento's will be closee for the summer. Brigsten's might be a little tight. Commander's and Galatoire's can handle that size with ease. Can't speak to the others.

      1. What do you all think of Bon Ton Cafe? A friend whose opinions I respect just suggested it to me?

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          Bon Ton is not open of weekends. In over 40 years of eating there I have never seen a big group. I guess they could slam tables together. I goif I have business in the Central Business District. It was the first regular "cajun" restaurant in town and has reliably turned out old favorites. I've had a few disappointments over the years...the main one being that the turtle soup was too salty on a few occasions...but they do a reliable etouffee, redfish etc.

          1. re: hazelhurst

            Biggest group that we have hosted was about 9. The seating was in the dining room, and all was great, but that was for a late lunch.


        2. My recommendation would be G W Fins, close to Canal St. in the FQ, and well within walking distance of your hotel. Call ahead, and talk about their separate room, just off the main dining room.

          G W Fins features local seafood (mostly), and with local preps. The service is good, and the wine list is fun. The costs are moderate.



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          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Thx, Bill. I like the G W Fins sample menu on line. Just wondering though if they ever offer beef or chicken entrees. While most of our group are good with seafood, there may be some who are not seafood eaters. Thx.

            1. re: chowmensch

              IIRC, they usually do have at least one beef, and probably one pork dish available.For the private room, I will bet that they can accommodate most diners, though they do specialize in seafood.

              Good luck,