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Mar 27, 2012 07:54 AM

Are festive....err....alcoholic beverages part of your daily life? [moved from Not About Food]

The child's birthday party thread prompted this you typically have an evening cocktail, or a beer or wine with dinner, etc.

And if that is your "norm" vs. those who are infrequent drinkers or don't drink at all, is there a different expectation or what is considered "good manners" when hosting an event?

We are daily drinkers.....after work cocktail, wine with dinner, etc. and when we host there is an expectation that will be be providing good cheer along with food and that is typical for our social circles.

If someone does drink for religious reasons, personal moral code or is a recovering alcoholic I certainly would not expect them to provide for me, but if it's because someone is saving $$$$ my opinion gets murkier.

How about you?

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  1. Typically yes, we have a glass of wine or a cocktail while making dinner. In our social and family circles, this is the norm. If we have a social gathering, wine and beer is available and most will have a drink or two.

    I also agree that I would never expect anyone with religious, recovery/addiction issues or other personal reason for not consuming alcohol to provide alcohol at any social event. If the host/parents are truly non-drinkers, it is their choice to not pay for booze.

    But if, for example, someone in our circle (people I know enjoy an alcoholic drink) would host a dinner at a restaurant and didnt' provide modest wine or beer because they needed to save money, I would find that odd. Just cut the guest list or have a home gathering instead.

    If the hosts are trying to change habits just for one night to avoid the cost of hosting, my opinion also changes and not for the better.

    1. We don't drink regularly. My wife drinks only occasionally and I gave it up, for the most part, as I got older (I'll have a couple of drinks a month, maybe more in the summer). No abuse or tolerance issues, just lost my taste for it. But that makes us the oddballs among our friends. For entertaining we have nearly every type of liquor and lots of beer and wine, because we like to be good hosts, but I can't recall the last time either of us had a drink when it was just the two of us alone.

      1. Hey --- we're not alcoholics, we're drunks. J/k.

        At our weekly jour fixe at a local Sichuan BYOB, we often end up with several 6-packs folks have brought, prompting us to leave the leftover beers (if there are any) with the kitchen crew.

        We also very often host get-togethers at our house where various alcoholic beverages are available as well as soft drinks for the odd couple who doesn't drink -- pomegranate juice, ginger beer, stuff like that.

        While my man and I don't tend to drink during dinner (soda stream bubbly all the way), we often have wine after dinner just hanging out.

        A game of poker without beer/wine/scotch? Not @casa lingua, and not with our group of friends.

        1. My husband and I very rarely have a cocktail with dinner but we always have wine. If we go to someone's house for dinner, we always bring a bottle of wine. I do not form an opinion about someone based upon whether or not they provide alcoholic beverages.

          1. I have a glass of wine before/with dinner 3-4 times per week, and generally provide and expect to be provided with alcoholic beverages when entertaining (with exceptions you noted above).
            You mentioned a child's birthday party as what prompted this thread; I wouldn't expect to be served alcohol while attending a child's birthday party unless all of the parents present have socialized together in the past, and there's a knowledge and comfort level present with all involved. If I was inviting parents I didn't know well, I might worry about alcohol related issues, such as driving under the influence, inappropriate behaviour, etc.