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Mar 27, 2012 06:32 AM

Flaming bourbon before use in marinade?

I was making some bourbon steak tips the other day, and I made my own simple marinade with bourbon, soy sauce, salt pepper, sugar. The steak tips came out pretty well in terms of texture, but the alcohol taste was way too strong, and definitely didn't burn off during my pan searing. Would it make sense for me to flame the bourbon before using it in the marinade? Would it defeat the purpose of using a liquor in the marinade, or am I looking for the aroma of the bourbon itself anyways? I know another more obvious solution is to use less bourbon, but I'm still curious about the flaming. Thanks!

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  1. Alcohol doesn't "burn off" during cooking. Some of it does evaporate. Even flaming off the bourbon in advance of using it in a marinade will still leave a substantial amount of alcohol in the mix. Admittedly however, if would be less than it was originally and it would not defeat the purpose of using the bourbon in the mix. Your solution for using less bourbon AND flaming if off in advance of using it in a marinade is, IMO, the best approach.

    1. Use less Bourbon ~~~ Use a lower (80) proof Bourbon ~~~ Have Fun!!