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Mar 27, 2012 06:23 AM

Vegan-friendly restaurant near South Station?

I have some vegan friends coming into town in a few weeks, and they want to get dinner before catching their train home on a Saturday night. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

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  1. Sadly, I would no longer recommend the all-vegan My Thai cafe in Chinatown -- it's still all-vegan, but it's gone way downhill, taste-wise.

    Q Restaurant, in Chinatown, would be fun if they like hot pot -- they will do their broths meatless, and there are tons of things to dip.

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    1. re: antimony

      I still enjoy My Thai and recommend it. I didn't really notice any great drop in quality as I have over the years at Grasshopper.

      1. re: yarm

        I was there a couple weeks ago and found it awful; maybe I just chose poorly, but everything was either way too sweet, too bland, or both. I used to really like it, too.

      2. re: antimony

        I've been to My Thai several times recently and quite enjoyed it, too, though I am an omnivore.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          I'd enjoyed it previously, but a recent visit left a bland taste in my mouth. Everything was just sort of sweet and gloppy and unexciting -- not even good in that sweet-and-greasy way inexpensive Thai food often is. But I would be thrilled to know it was just a bad night for the kitchen or something.

      3. Depending on their time frame, you could hop on the Red Line, go up a few stops to Central Square and eat at Veggie Galaxy which is a fantastic opportunity for vegans to enjoy really top notch food, ample portions and a relaxed atmosphere. If that does not work out, I'd go with My Thai. Channel Cafe is also not far, but I am hearing mixed reviews and have not been in a while.

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        1. re: mvi

          If you have even more time, go a few stops further up the red line to True Bistro in Teele Square (up several blocks from the Davis T stop). Best vegan food I've had, period, and in a proper restaurant.

          I like Veggie Galaxy ok, but it's very carb-focused and I was disappointed by the quality/quantity of the vegetable-based offerings.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            It's funny you should say that - I actually ruled out True Bistro because all of their entrees seem to involve carbs (cornmeal, rice, panko, potato, crepes, phyllo...) which my husband (not a vegan, by any stretch) can't eat. I figured at least at VG he could have a veggie omelet. But I've wanted to try True Bistro for awhile now.

          2. re: mvi

            I was actually planning on taking them to Veggie Galaxy originally! But they asked if we could find something nearer South Station, due to their schedule.

            1. re: mightywombat

              What about some place in Chinatown that's accidentally vegan - just order from the veggie dishes on the menu? I love the cucumbers with garlic app at Gourmet Dumpling House.