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Mar 27, 2012 05:59 AM

where to take my teen to pre lincoln ctr event

looking to take my teen to dinner before dance at LC and dont want to expensive but good food..
loves the boulud empire of rest but thought something diff....any thoughts show at 7

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  1. How about Lincoln for delicious Italian food? .

    1. Shun Lee Cafe or Atlantic Grill

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      1. re: trav

        thanks...was going to boulud but only can have pre fix menu before
        atlantic i hear is great and good location.....thanks again

        1. re: ice203

          If you're teen is into burgers, P.J. Clarke's is fun. We enjoy Sapphire Grill for good Indian food that's just a few blocks south on Broadway....

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            The pre theater menu at Boulud Sud is actually very good. When I was there last Saturday I was also able to order small plates and sides before 7:00 pm (I sat at the bar, not sure if that makes a difference).

            I usually alternate between Boulud Sud and Lincoln for LC events.

        2. Salumeria Rosi, followed by hot chocolate at Jacques Torres.

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          1. re: rose water

            This is a great suggestion. Salumeria Rosi can add up, since many of their small plates are exactly that: small. But the food is accessible without being dumbed down. I think a sophisticated teen (who already likes Boulud restaurants) would really enjoy it.