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Mar 27, 2012 05:57 AM

Downtown/Pearl restaraunts-eat at the bar?


I'll be in town for a conference starting tomorrow and I like to sit at the bar (or in front of the kitchen if its an open kitchen) to have lunch/dinner. What places would you recommend where I could do this, Wed-Fri? I haven't done much research, but I'm definitely thinking Clyde Common. I like all types of food, ideally looking for good food in a friendly/interesting atmophere.


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  1. Oba in the Pearl is nice, also Fatellis and Paragon.

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    1. re: kh480

      I like Oba too, but strangely, they kept pushing the Coconut Shrimp last time I was there (which was excellent), when they bill themselves as specializing in Nuevo Latino cuisine. I ate at the bar with a friend after a small group of us had gathered just for drinks.

      Paragon is probably a better choice, but the only time I've been there was for a private party. Food and drinks were creative and excellent, even though we were ordering from a limited custom menu.

      For the Pearl, my current favorite is still the new Trader Vic's.

    2. I like Isabels in the Pearl, you can sit at the bar overlooking the kitchen...and the ahi wontons are craveworthy...and their happy hour is until 7pm...

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        Wildwood has an open kitchen and bar with excellent food. We recently spent 3 nights at The Nines in downtown Portland and loved Urban Farmer. Portland City Grill is another favorite of ours, they have a nice bar area with beautiful views! :)

      2. Oven & Shaker has a nice long bar and excellent food. Ping is another good choice and you can see some of the kitchen from the bar also. I think both Oba and Paragon are good for drinks but not for food.