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Mar 27, 2012 05:16 AM

Babbo for pregnant wife?

Trying my luck this morning at getting a reservation for 4/27 - we've been dying to get there for so long and now we are finally pulling the trigger to celebrate recent good news. But in looking at the reviews this morning (and what we already knew), I got slightly anxious that maybe my wife being pregnant isn't the most optimal for her to enjoy alot of the foods? Can anyone think of anything that "isn't to be missed" at Babbo that my wife might have to avoid? Not sure what current tasting menu is offering...but maybe recent visitors can give an idea?

Really excited for the trip - I'm there all week for work and she's coming up Thursday and we're staying until Saturday. We'll be in Tribeca so we were considering Locanda Verde instead, but who knows when the two of us will sneak back to the city again after baby comes in August :)

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  1. What is she avoiding? If it's just raw fish/meat/eggs then she can enjoy the majority of dishes at Babbo.

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    1. re: ukitali

      I suppose she's only avoiding certain fishes. And maybe I was just initially concerned with some of his more exotic dishes (pig's feet, tongue, etc)...but I suppose I can do my own research there since this isn't a medical website. I just saw another thread about Le Bernardin and thought I could get insight from others who have dined there.

      Anyway, so excited since I was able to get a 6:30 reservation for the night I was looking for! Only took about a half hour to get through (and possibly 80 redials).

      1. re: sean_f

        Babbo was my last dinner out pre-baby and it was a total treat. The mint love letters with lamb ragu was wonderful, and posed no pregnancy-dietary-restrictions-issues. If she's avoiding charcuterie, there's still much to enjoy.

        1. re: sean_f

          I think the biggest concerns would probably be:
          cured meats like prosciutto/testa/etc in the antipasti section
          undercooked/runny eggs in the lamb's tongue vinaigrette
          meats cooked only to medium/medium rare for items like the lamb chop and pork chop
          the liver in the goose liver ravioli

          Otherwise, you should be OK, especially with most of the pastas. And for the secondi, she might want to order one of the popular meat dishes but get it well done.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks Kathryn - that's exactly the kind of insight I was looking for. You really are the star of the Manhattan boards :)

            Now I'm wondering if she should stick to the menu rather than doing the Tasting, but I think that might mean I would have to as well. Hmm...

            Anyone know how much time i should set aside that night for this experience? Had tried to get 8 o'clock reservation, but at 6:30 I'm stumped on what we could get into afterwards (Prego wouldn't be interested in popping into a bar afterwards).

            1. re: sean_f

              Given your constraints, I'd order a la carte. You can make up your own tasting, and ask the kitchen to plate items separately if you're splitting dishes.