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Mar 27, 2012 12:24 AM

Dining in Okinawa...any suggestions?

I'm going to Okinawa in a few days, for a week. Staying at the Terrace Garden Mihama Resort, in Mihama, Chatan. We hear that it is by the American Village but we definitely want to try some typical Okinawan food!

Any suggestions, for food and things to do (besides scuba...that is already scheduled) would be appreciated!


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  1. I think you may be a bit mistaken in that what you think is "American Village" will turn out to be an American military base. And that means lots of loud jets and/or helicopters flying overhead, as well as a local scene that caters to young American military personnel. If you have a full week in Okinawa you should really try to go to another island. But while on the main island the Churaumi aquarium is well worth a visit. Be prepared to rent a car. And when you do that, take some time to explore the main island. But also be sure to check the latest weather report to see if there are any big storms heading towards Oknawa.

    As for "traditional " Okinawa food,.... Okinawa Prefecture, previously known as the Kingdom of the Ryukyu Islands, is known for a few vegetables, the most famous of which is goya, as well as some local fish. It is common to eat the local fish as sashimi, but rarely as sushi (on rice). Goya will not really be in season until perhaps June, although other things are and will be seasonally fresh.

    My advice for someone going to Okinawa for a full week would be to rent a car for a day and drive around the main island, making sure to visit Churamai Aquarium in the north as well as the remnants of Shuri castle. Then head off to another island. Other islands will offer more places serving "Okinawa" food, although that usually means more Chinese influence. One of the most well known dishes is Okinawa soba (also known as yaeyama soba or yaesei soba), a dish made with wheat noodles rather than soba (buckwheat) as in the rest of Japan.

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      Thank you so much for the information. We are actually going to scuba dive, so will be doing that 3 of the days. Then we are flying to mainland Japan to visit family. So unfortunately, unless we go with the dive company, we probably won't make it to other islands...this time!

      That being said, if you do have any recommendations for specific places in Okinawa to eat, I'd love to hear about them!