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Mar 27, 2012 12:12 AM

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

I am travelling to NYC from Australia in June/ July with my wife & 2 kids. I see you can book a seat at Brooklyn Fare 6 weeks out & only by phone. I am wondering if there is any chance of the 4 of us getting in (noting there are only 18 seats) & is it worth the effort?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've seen parties of four at Brooklyn Fare so it's definitely possible. The restaurant will also open a branch in Manhattan in June or July. Definitely worth the effort to book a reservation.

      1. I have gone to Brooklyn fare with 6 people. I have gone with 4 people. Not a problem. Do not expect table service, they have none. They have a counter and you get about 20 tastes of different items. Mostly leaning toward Japanese style or ceviche style dishes. There is no atmosphere. The price is high. Is it worth the effort? It is one of the few 3 star Michelin restaurants, if that has any meaning. The food is good, but I'd rather go to Jean Georges.

        1. It is worth the effort, and I can't stress that enough. A truly unique dining experience. When calling you have to be persistent - if I remember correctly, you can only call on Mondays, and I believe they start taking phone calls at 10 AM (double check all of that, as things may have changed since I made my reservation last fall). The line was busy from the minute the clock hit 10 AM and I had to keep redialing for 20 minutes before I finally got through. Good luck!

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            They start taking reservations at 10:30AM now.

            Pazzasop, may I ask for what day and time were you able to get a reservation? I'm wondering how long it takes for them to book the week.

            1. re: PorkyBelly

              I don't know if I lucked out, but once I was able to get through I was able to get a reservation for 2 for the 7:45 pm seating on the Saturday of that week. We went just prior to them earning the third star, so not sure how/if that's affected the reservations process and demand (especially for Saturday nights).

          2. How old are your two children? This is not a setting that is appropriate for very young children.
            More and more American adolescents are sophisticated about food and I would say that a young person 16 years of age or older might appreciate the experience that is Brooklyn Fare. My children are "grown" (that is, in their 20s) and have each been to BF once with my wife and I. They both appreciated the experience and having them there made the experience all the more special for my wife and I.

            I think that if you phone the reservationist on a day other than Monday (that is, don't call on the day that hundreds of others call seeking reservations) and explain your situation, including the distance from which you are traveling, they might be able to accommodate you in some way. I have no inside track, but when I have called on days other than Mondays in the past, I found the reservationist very helpful in devising a strategy to get seated.

            As others have pointed out, there have been reports that their Manhattan location will be open by then. There will apparently be two types of service: a table service with fewer courses than at the Brooklyn location, but featuring dishes offered in Brooklyn and a wine vault at which Chef Ramirez will prepare a meal similar to those he prepares in Brooklyn, but, perhaps, with fewer courses.

            Le Bernardin, Daniel, Jean Georges and Corton are all excellent Manhattan restaurants at which you can dine well and bring your children, depending upon their ages. EMP, of course, is everyone's favorite. I have yet to go.

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            1. re: famdoc

              Famdoc, my kids are 12 & 15. They have eaten at all the restaurants you mention & will be comfortable I am sure in that environment. For what it's worth, I thought EMP was good but not great.

              1. re: ppmcg

                BF is unique in that you are seated at a counter and are served 30 or more small plates. The pace is rapid. I don't think it is suitable for a 12 year old, and my kids went everywhere with us when they were that age. Just want you to consider this before booking and spending more than $1000 on a meal for four people.

                Have a safe voyage and a great stay here in NYC. Let us know where you end up dining.

                1. re: famdoc

                  that is good to know about the pace & 30 small plates. My 12 yr old might collapse at plate 10.

                  1. re: ppmcg

                    You and your wife may collapse by plate 20...but then there's a few main courses, a cheese platter and dessert. I hope you eventually have the opportunity to eat there.
                    (Perhaps we can arrange babysitting for your crew while you go to BF).