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Mar 26, 2012 10:06 PM

Vancouver's best wedding caterers for July 2012 wedding?

We're looking for a good caterer who really knows how to source and prepare good food, with great presentation, professionalism and provides excellent service for our July wedding (40-50 people). Price point: around $30-40/person. Open to all suggestions and are happy to support newer or smaller businesses. I'd love to hear about your positive experiences!

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  1. "The Butler Did It" catered our wedding in 2006. We had tons of appys and then a full sit down dinner for 85 people. The food was delicious and service was impeccable.

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      Thank you for your reccomendation. I've heard a very good review from another source and I am going to give them a call. Best wishes.

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        Can I ask which caterer you end up going with? I am planning a wedding for next year and need to look for a good caterer as well.

    2. A family friend runs a smaller catering business which would be great for your event -- she is a young and talented chef (Four Seasons alum, was on Canadian team for cooking olympics) and her staff are all quite nice.

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        Thank you for your reccomendation. I looked at her website and will give her a call.

      2. Culinary Capers. I went to a couple of events they catered (and did a tasting) before hiring them for my wedding. Fabulous food and experienced professional servers. High end caterer but competitive -- flexible in terms of price range/options. And you can bring your own liquor!

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