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Mar 26, 2012 09:56 PM

Foodie House Rental in September in... Switzerland? Northern Italy?

Have a group of 10 serious foodies looking for a place in Switzerland or northern Italy to rent a house for a week or two in mid-September to celebrate a milestone birthday, shop food and wine locally, and cook amazing meals. Wengen and Zermatt, Switzerland, have ancestral ties; northern Italian lakes (Como, first choice) are another possibility. Thoughts?

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  1. As somebody who lives in Switzerland, I wouldn't say it's a foodie destination, unless you consider melted cheese and hash browns the pinnacle of interesting cuisine.

    Northern Italy, on the other hand, is definitely worth a foodie vacation. I would recommend Piedmont, as it checks all the boxes - food (truffles!), wine (Barolo, Barbera etc) and amazing scenery (Asti/Alba area is like Tuscany, but without the tourists).

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      Yes, there is only so much kaseschnitten I can take (well, I can actually take a lot of kaseschnitten, but even then there is eventually a limit!). Piedmont has always sounded great, though the closest I've gotten is the west shore of Lago di Como. Thanks for the tip!

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        you will get better answers on Italy if you post your question on that board.

    2. I prefer the Lago d'Iseo, slightly less know and therefore less touristy. Also home to L'Albereta...

      1. Hi dtm323,

        When you decide...I'd be very interested to hear where you choose.

        My sweetheart and I are going from Paris Menaggio on Lake Como in August. I've been trying to figure out what to do with the X. We've nixed Zermatt and Wengen because we're on a long (6 mo+ trip) and the hassle factor is too much right now.

        If you come up with any brilliant ideas, we'd love to hear. We promise to send you our eating notes ;-)