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Mar 26, 2012 08:33 PM

Food Too "Dangerous" to Have at Home

Last night I bought my first jar of Biscoff for $1.99 at Grocery Outlet (love that place). I had seen many posts about Biscoff on Chowhound, but couldn't justify the $4.50 price for it at another local store. Biscoff did not disappoint me -- I found it so yummy that I immediately added it to the food too dangerous to have at home list -- too dangerous because I will eat way too much of it if it's readily available.

What foods are in your danger zone? :-)

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  1. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

    I've been known to eat the entire tub in one evening. I can't bring them into the house anymore.

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    1. re: latindancer

      I LOVE those dark chocolate peanut butter cups!! Have you tried them frozen? Mmmm, I always stick them in the freezer, tastes even me at least :)

      1. re: yummfood

        Try TJ's dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts. It is amazing and dangerous to have in the house.

        1. re: yummfood

          When I take off these 5 pounds, put on by those @#$# things, I'll go buy another tub of them and freeze them. I cannot stop eating them when I purchase them.
          Thanks for the tip :).

        2. re: latindancer

          Agggh, those sound scrumptious. I miss living near a TJ's, but in some ways I might be better off for it.

        3. This stuff
          We call it 'crack' in our house.

          Also these pretzel crisps - can't stop at one, or 10, or 20, or ...

          And a long list of other things (many TJ's items).

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          1. re: kinnickinnik

            several of the sweet and salty snacks at Fresh Market have been added to my list recently. most notably the bourbon brown sugar roasted pecans, peanut butter yogurt pretzels, and chocolate covered peanut butter stuffed pretzels.

            i also have been known to eat thin mints by the box, and natures valleys (semi) new granola thins tend to disappear when im around them as well.

            1. re: mattstolz

              The FM also has these chocolate covered pretzels with little toffee bits on them can't pass the bag without grabbing a couple, and my DH who isn't much of a sweet- eater, LOVES them!! will polish off a big bag in 2 sittings.

              1. re: JenJeninCT

                i saw those when i was there today! (ironically, while i was grabbing a bunch of the things on my "dont keep in the house" list) and almost snagged one to test when no one was looking (i know youre not supposed to... but im not gunna pay 7 bucks a pound for something im not even sure ill like!)

            2. re: kinnickinnik

              Kathy's buttercrunch is amazing. We call it crack around the office ourselves as well... and she just dropped by with a fresh batch. Ah!!

              1. Maynard's Wine Gums... can't get enough of them if they get into the house.

                1. Tasty Shacks chocolate pudding - I skeptically tried it once...omg...and just like that the container was emptied as the rest of the groceries sat waiting to be put away.

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                  1. re: meatn3

                    That's the best! I can't buy it either.

                    1. re: meatn3

                      Their rice pudding is also something that I know won't last long in our house.

                      1. re: onceadaylily

                        The rice pudding is quite good!

                        Something about the chocolate - perfect flavor, creaminess - I could not stop and I usually don't have much of a sweet tooth!