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Mar 26, 2012 07:16 PM

Winthorpe & Valentine in The Westin - Anyone Else Catch the Trading Places Reference?

It has been years since I have seen it, but HBO has been running Trading Places this month. As I was watching it, I remembered the two main characters were named (Louis) Winthorpe and (Billy Ray) Valentine. Then I made the connection to the restaurant in The Westin Hotel. Apparently, they also offer a drink called a "Mortimer" which was the name of one of the Duke Brothers.

Just thought it was funny.

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  1. I have no recollection of the names from the movie although I did see it eons ago.

    As for current connections, I bought the TravelZoo coupon deal a few weeks ago for a four course dinner for two with cocktails for $69. Portions were more than substantial and food was OK. Better than Holiday Inn but not Bibou. Hey, its a hotel.

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      Yes! My fiance pointed that out to me! He has a great memory and knowlege of pop culture trivia!

      BTW we also enjoyed the Travel Zoo coupon deal. Dinner was not bad!