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Mar 26, 2012 06:45 PM

Jakes Wayback Burger

Anyone try Jake's Wayback Burger in Hartsdale? Wife and I have tried 5 Guys, Cheeseburger Cheesebuger, Westchester Burger and we really think jake's is the best new burger joint in Westchester.

It is next to the Verizon store on Central Ave. Try the double or triple with cheese. Great taste. Let's see what hounds think.

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  1. I suggest the Candlelight.

    1. Really? I found it nothing special. The fries were salty. Would much rather go to 5 Guys...

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      1. re: tarrytown hound

        Five Guys? I've tried 5G twice--the second time because I thought the first disappointment had to be a fluke. Wasn't. I've never been inspired to give Jake's a try, but 5G wouldn't be an alternative for me.

        -- strange: unthinkingly, I'd also started my post with "really?" until I looked at yours again and went back to edit mine. :)

        1. re: Scott_R

          I guess that is the point of this site, different people, different opinions on restaurants (who choose the same words...)

          Wayback is similar to 5 Guys, in the "higher end" fast food category.

          I like Piper's Kilt...

          1. re: tarrytown hound

            Kudos to Piper's Kilt. I also like the tuna burger at the Legal Seafood bar before a movie.

            1. re: Barrels41

              Wayback is great. hands down best quick stop burger in westchester.

              1. re: eatwp

                That's quite the recommendation, eatwp. What other quick stop burger places have you been to around Westchester and what were they like?