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Mar 26, 2012 06:25 PM

Pizaro Napoletana on Memorial

I enjoyed this restaurant Friday night and have been wanting to visit for several wks. This restaurant serves Italian style pizza in an authentic Italian pizza oven. Pizaro is one of only a few Naples certified speciality pizza houses in Texas (Dough in San Antonio is another).. What this restaurant lacks is atmosphere and character. Located in a shopping strip, crowded with burb locals, this no-frills byob restaurant serves up pizza and salads on paper plates and plastic utensils. The pizza is very good, the ingredients terrific quality and the family running this establishment are passionate about pizza making.. Bill left the corporate world to start a new career, something special, something different. Pizza's run $12-16 and serves one. Should I find myself in this neighborhood again, I'll surely stop.

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  1. I posted about this place shortly after it opened and agree with your conclusions. The plastic ware and plates are old already, especially paying that much for pizza. The family are terrific and the salads have improved immeasurably since my first visit. We took a bottle of wine last time we went and since all the food nearly beat us to the table after picking up our plastic ware, we weren't able to finish it even while lingering after the food was gone. The pizza was a bit undercooked that time also, needed a few more seconds in the fire.

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      my natural go-to is Dolce Vita for Italian pizza's and Romano's for NY style. Love sitting at the bar to eat and drink at Dolce Vita and the general feel of the place.

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        Yes, I'll give Dolce Vita the edge at this point. More options, sturdier crust, great patio. Fantastic small plates.

    2. They're planning a second location. Just where not decided yet but closer in.

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        Here's hoping they put some effort into quality tea and flatware.

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          Here, here! I realize it involves getting another permit from City Hall for an approved dish washing device and that's more overhead, but they've got to be making money at that place.