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Mar 26, 2012 05:49 PM

Seattle near Hotel Andra - family with elderly folk

I am taking my elderly (86) mother to Seattle for a quick get away this weekend and I'd appreciate some recommendations for dinners. We'll have 3 nights. She will eat lots of things but does not like overly fancy food and is not very, very adventurous. Seafood, steak, good Asian (but not sushi). Price point is not an issue but we'd love some place we don't have to dress up. She can walk for a few blocks, and we might get a wheelchair, and can also take taxis.

I'd love some recommendations right around the Hotel Andra, where we will stay.

Many thanks, foodies with parents!

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  1. Dahlia, Lola (check menu first), Metropolitan Grill, Coterie Room, Blueacre Steelhead Diner.

    1. I can't recommend much right around your hotel. Within 4-6 blocks; Etta's for seafood, Bisato if you want to try a "small plate" restaurant or Mistral Kitchen for modern NW. A quick taxi ride will get you to Tilikum Place Cafe, more European flavor or Metropolitan Grill for steak. I really liked the food the one time I have eaten at the Coterie Room but the space was very loud.

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        +1 on Etta's; right smack in the middle of the Venn diagram of acceptable places for foodies and AARPs. I wouldn't take a non-adventurous 86-year-old to Bisato. It's a good drinks-and-little-bites place. I leave there hungry.

        1. re: sweetpotater

          An 86 y.o. usually can't put away a porterhouse, 1 lb. baked potato and salad, though. Bisato might be appropriate for her. The Coterie would work though, and gingershelley's suggestion of Assiago is good as well. I'm not a Lola fan having had very dried out food there. Lola does a good breakfast though.

          I also like Tulio and The Brooklyn.

          1. re: firecracker

            Ahem - I believe *I* recommended Assiago! LOL

            1. re: Lauren

              MEA CULPA!!! Apologies all around! Assaggio is still wonderful no matter who recomends it!

      2. Assaggio in your hotel is quite nice. I hadn't been in years and then met some friends for drinks a couple of weeks ago. The bar area was lovely and the drinks and food were very good. But the service was the best part. They really know how to make you feel good.

        1. We are excited to welcome to you and your mother for your upcoming trip to Seattle! We are fortunate to be amidst a variety of great dining options near Hotel Ändra. For the sake of a comfortable walk for your mother to a restaurant, I am limiting my suggestions within a two block radius.

          Lola, which is a Tom Douglas restaurant, has a Greek/Mediterranean flair. Lola is also a popular destination for breakfast for visitors and locals alike. For classic and authentic Italian cuisine, Assaggio is right next door. As someone else remarked, Assaggio is also well known for their warm and welcoming hospitality. Directly across the street from us, Dahlia Lounge (also a Tom Douglas restaurant) offers delicious Pacific Northwest cuisine. Another local favorite for a memorable dinner is Palace Kitchen, which is one block away on the corner of 5th and Lenora. I would be happy to assist with booking your dinner reservations prior to your arrival. Should you decide to take a taxi and wish to explore another neighborhood, please contact me at 206-448-8600 and I will be happy to provide you with more dining options. We wish you safe travels! Hotel Ändra Concierge

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          1. I'd toss Seatown Seabar & Rotisserie in the mix of suggestions. It's right next to Etta's and offers a more casual environment. I really enjoyed the smoked fish plate and the side of pickles.