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Any vegetarian recipes for a meat eater?

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My wife & I are trying to eat on the healthier side now that we hit 40 and our metabolisms are slowing down. I am always looking for a good healthy dinners that are not so meat centric. We really enjoy quinoa (although I make it with chix stock). I usually add apples, walnuts/pecans, some mustard, red vinegar, a few raisins along with a little OJ. It is super scrumptious and we do not miss the meat - although I sometimes add chicken breast to it. We also make zucchini boats filled with couscous, feta, basil and olives.

Any other ideas of things easy & delicious.

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  1. there are dozens of pasta recipes without meat. Lots of ethnic foods like Indian or Thai. For indian, curries, lentils, and substantial veg dishes are plentiful. Look at the books by Julie Sahni or Madhur Jaffrey to start.

    1. A wonderful pan of eggplant parmigiana is a terrific, filling and satifsying dish. And the leftovers make GREAT sandwiches.

      1. I'm sure you'll get a ton of responses, so I'll just add a few of my favorites. In cold weather, I like to make barley risotto-style. You can use it as the base of lots of different toppings, like beets and blue cheese or sauteed mushrooms. I love bulgur wheat and use it to make pineapple-fried "rice." And I make quinoa cakes, which are very flexible. A bunch of recipes here: https://www.google.com/search?q=quino...

        I also like these baked sweet potato falafel. They're delicious and they make a lot, so you can freeze the leftovers, once they are baked, for future snacks or meals: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/...

        And I also like to take a weekend day and make a big batch of veggie dumplings, which I then freeze (separately on parchment at first, then throw in a bag once hard) and have on hand for quick meals or appetizers.

        1. I love to mix pinto beans or black beans with sauteed onion and taco seasonings (mix my own from chili powder, cumin, garlic/onion powder, etc) as a base for a hot dip. I have taken to making my own beans in a crockpot, but canned refried beans are perfectly respectable for this too.

          Heat the thinly layered beans in a shallow pan, maybe salsa (roja or verde) a small amount of cheese. When you remove it from the oven, add cold veggies to your liking: marinated cabbage, green onions, fresh tomatoes, etc etc etc. Eat with taco chips, or spoon into WW flour tortillas or corn tortillas.

          The key is not to load this up with fatty foods like rich cheeses and sour cream. If you are "bean-wary" go slow--eat beans in small quantities at first as your system gets used to them. And it will--legumes are low cal and nutrient packed so it's worth the effort to learn how to cook and properly spice them. From here you can progress to amazing hummus and recipes like this:


          1. I've been eating less meat of late.
            I think the secret is to make dishes that celebrate vegetables rather than trying to mimic meat dishes.
            If I had to pick cuisines where I could go completely vegetarian they would be South Indian or Lebanese.
            I've been cooking a lot from Plenty by Yotam Ottolengi.
            You will find a lot of his recipes on here:


            1. I'm just going to copy and tweak my list from another post about vegetarian dishes. I came up with this list one night, and thought it was pretty ok.

              -roasted veggies and israeli couscous

              -any sort of pancake/crepe/pannekoken meal (lemon ricotta, etc.) can be easy and fun, and soy sausage can be good if you want to go the brinner route. cheese stratas can be in a brinner theme too.

              -any sort of north african stew can be great, and you can get a lot of flavor in it with minimal effort.

              -split pea soup (use good soup base, aromatics and some good olive oil to replace flavors you miss from the absent meat) is a great hearty meal that you can just serve with warm bread or muffins

              -I like making ratatouille and using it as lasagne filling instead of the usual bolognese

              -potato croquettes, or any deep fried veggies can be extremely flavorful (yay deep frying)

              -more Italian: eggplant parmiggiano, hay and straw pasta, aglio e olio, primavera, etc.

              -Mediterranean/Greek - hummus, tabbouli, falafel, spanakopita, tryopitakia, etc.

              -Indian - many dishes can even be made all in a rice cooker

              -Mexican: enchiladas calabaza, potato tacos, bean flautas, etc.

              1. A can of Progresso Lentil Soup combined with a jar of prepared spaghetti sauce over pasta.

                Homemade split pea soup (wonderful with rye bread)

                Baked potato with broccoi/cheese sauce

                Artichoke/parmesan quiche

                refried black bean/cheese burrito