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Mar 26, 2012 05:01 PM

Holy basil seeds?

I have been trying to find holy basil in local South East Asian shops, with no luck.

I am now considering the possibility of planting the seeds in my small backyard. Does anyone know of a good place to buy holy basil seeds (online)?

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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  1. There are literally TONS of places online that sell it (actually this is one of the many times I really sorry Chowhound doesn't have a PM function, as I have gobs of holy basil seed lying around) there are plenty of people on the store side of ebay who sell seed, but most sell it by the pound (for people who want to drink it) so that's probably waay more than you need try one or more of these

    note that there are a lot of strains of holy basil (actually there are 3-4 seperate species), same as with sweet basil

    this last link is for plants, not seeds (and holy basil is currently out of season here but I am including it as they have a few strains (plus they are one of the few places I know that also sells tree basil/clove basil.)

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        MY pleasure. P.S. if you do decide to use the plant one at some point, need other plants to make up the lot (you need 6 to ship) I reccomend a conehead thyme. It a b**ch to get established, but once you do it isn't very demanding, and the flavor is one of the oddes you have ever tasted (like thyme crossed with strong black pepper).

      2. hi there...
        think outside the box. Do you know anyone who is growing it. Can they give you some extra seeds.
        As far as buying it online, getting the seeds through customs may be tricky. A lot of countries don't let seeds (even small time seed packets) into the country. If you have to get them from another country see if you can find a company that has documentation that the seeds are safe and free of disease and will not harm native plants....( Try and go as local as you can, call a university, see if they have any seeds they can give you.
        If all else fails there are lots of varieties out there you can grow.

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          It looks like the OP lives in Seattle. Of the 4 suppliers listed above, 3 are in the US. Richters is in Canada (Ontario) but ships to addresses in the US (from Buffalo) per their website.

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            It is funny, I brought seeds back to Canada through Japan for my after (including holy basil) and Japan did let it through BUT they opened each and every seed package and inspected each seed in each package :p

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              probably made the beagle crazy.
              figure the dill does that, at least...

          2. I like buying seeds on Etsy because they're usually offered small amounts, are inexpensive and I'm buying from an individual instead of a corporation. They're usually fresh, too. Not everything is available, but you could take a look.

            1. Johnny's Seeds and The Growers Exchange have it, but you'll probably get the most seeds for your money with a $2.50 packet from J. L. Hudson.

              1. If you have problems growing them - it might be due to the lack of strong light or cooler temperatures. If that is the case, the next time try growing them indoors under a strong grow light.