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Mar 26, 2012 04:46 PM

Best Eats in/near Sarasota?

Headed to Sarasota for a quick getaway from the Northeast.
What are your favorite places to eat in or around Sarasota?
Open to any kinds of food & prices, breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.
Would love to hear your best suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Look below, lots of good suggestions.

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    1. re: Mother of four

      Thanks for the links. We've just arrived and are just starting to investigate. The suggestions below should be very helpful in narrowing choices! Happy Eats!!

    2. indegenous , or Darwins on Fourth for dinner
      vizen in Gulf Gate for sushi
      Station 400 has great breakfast
      Cafe Epicure for brick oven pizza
      And if you're into craft beer go to Mr. Beery's for drinks

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      1. re: christinet.

        Had lunch with a client yesterday at Half Shell - - a great place in the New Orleans style except ith more modern decor and a cool outdoor patio on Main St. Great chargrilled oysters, Po-Boys, southern sides. Great service and reasonable prices also