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Mar 26, 2012 04:34 PM

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Hey there, I am looking for a rehearsal dinner spot that can hold 20-30 people, and is not too expensive, under $20-25 per person or less if possible! Ideally somewhere between Spadina to Yonge, Bloor to King area. Relaxed, a separate room would be great but not required.

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  1. Check out this thread, where the poster asked a similar question, with the same price point.

    I'd suggest a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown if you are trying to keep the price "$20-$25 per person or less" and dine at a restaurant located between Spadina and Yonge.

    Most "continental" restaurants charge $40+/person if you've got a group of 20-30 people.

    If you're willing to head east to the Danforth, maybe you could talk to Pizzeria Libretto about pizzas in the downstairs room for a group of 20-30 people. Queen Margherita could also probably handle a group this size. Maybe they'd be willing to quote you the 3 courses for $25, a prix fixe that they offer at lunch.

    Some Greek restaurants might be willing to work out a $20-$25/ person dinner. Pan, Pantheon and Mezes have experience with rehearsal dinners and 30 person group dinners, and some restaurants might be willing to do a basic one to keep the price down, although I would expect the group rate is usually closer to $30-$40+/person.

    Bairrada also might be able to do a group dinner for less than $25 per person. I found the food to be pretty basic at Bairrada. I wasn't that impressed. Not sure if there are some other Portuguese restaurants serving better Portuguese churrasco chicken, that can handle a group of 30, and charge for less than $25/person.

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      Thanks Prima, I'll check that thread out.
      Thank you for the great advice. I know we are pushing it to get it under $25 at the size, just hoping for the best. We are willing to go out of those borders so I'll check out the Danforth!
      Alright well this is a great start, I appreciate it!