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Mar 26, 2012 04:16 PM

pesach in Israel

any good dairy/pareve restaurants that will be open and Kosher for Pesach in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

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  1. is silence that there aren't any or that all are?

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      Last tie I was in Israel, the number of KP restaurants was coming down. Oh, yes manynofvthem serve matzoh, but they were not koshe for pesach. As a matter of fact, especially in tel aviv and Haifa, the is a gourmet explosion of non-kosher restaurants, traveler beware

    2. Jerusalem - Luigi, Luciana, and Village Green are usually open for Pesach and non-kitniyot.

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      1. re: mamaleh should have all the info you need.

      2. Totally unrelated to the initial question, but it relates to the topic itself: is Pesach in Israel ostensibly 8 days this year because day 8 is Shabbat? Is there a way to eat chametz in Israel on that Shabbat? I understand it is not chag in terms of prayers.

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          There is no way to eat chametz on the Shabbat that immediately follows Pesach, because it still belongs to the goy until he can sell it back after Shabbat. And of course on Friday it's still Pesach so one couldn't cook or prepare the chametz even if the goy gave permission. But one may cook kitniyot on Friday for Shabbat (on the grounds that if a Sefardi guest were to suddenly show up on Friday afternoon he could eat it).

        2. Adding on to this old thread - I know of tons of places in Jerusalem that are kosher for Pesach. What about Tel Aviv?

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            Lots of the kosher restaurants in TA are typically kosher for Pesach, albeit with varying degrees of kitniyot.

            Most of the higher end restaurants stay open (virtually all the hotel restaurants are open) and many pizza restaurants serve reasonably tasty pesadik pizza. Shwarma and falafel is widely available in pesadik laffa sandwiches. eLuna has a list.