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Mar 26, 2012 04:14 PM

Tomato Pizza Pie Joint

Was walking around with my niece down on Melrose. Ended up on the western end of it across the street from Fairfax High School. About a few months prior I was searching the internet for NY Style pizza places in the greater LA area and saw this place on the net. I had all the intentions of giving it a try one day but on the day we were walking on Melrose it was the furthest from my mind but because he stumbled upon it I knew it was my golden opportunity to try it.

First off the quality of the pizza is top notch. Great taste and great ingredients. Really enjoyed it but it's way overpriced. For a slice of pizza pie it's $3.00. Not bad right, that's the going rate, right? No. It's the going rate of normal sized slices of NY style pizza pie but these were half the size. There have been a lot of NY style pizza places popping up over the city that are really good and the prices for a slice are about $3.00 but the slices are very large. These are half the size. I know they have to make money but so do other places where they charge the same for a full size of NY Style pizza pie. As good as this is I won't go back because it's way overpriced. I know that it does not cost a lot to make a pizza. Yes they have overhead and all but so do other places that serve a real size NY Pizza pie slice for the same price. Over at Yelp most people give it really good reviews and say the price is good. I don't know where they have been eating at but it's not a good price. To get the equivalent of one real sized slice of NY Style pie you'll have to pay for two slices which would be $6. Way overpriced. I am not sure where these people are getting that the price is good when it's not. This truly is overpriced and not worth it even though it's good.

What's your take on this place?

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  1. I haven't been to the Melrose location, but the Silver Lake one is my go to spot for NY Style pizza. Their grandma pizza is one of the best pizzas in LA in my opinion. Sure it's a lot more expensive when you compare it to Papa Johns, Dominos, etc, but i don't find it any more so than it's competition (ie. Vitos, John's, etc).

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      PJ, Dominos and etc are not even on the same planet so one can't compare the pizza or price but there are other fine NY Style pie out there that the price is a lot better. I love KoNY (King of NY Pizza) on Western near Wilshire. Way better prices and as good of pie. A little different, can't expect all NY pizza places to taste the same just like not all Chinese restaurants taste the same or Mexican and so on. But with KoNY Pizza the price is way better. Why is a slice at Tomato Pizza Pie Joint half the size of a slice at KoNY or other NY Style pizza places? Rip off. Taste great but rip off.

      1. re: HoundDogz

        Just like you can't expect all NY style pizza to taste the same, you also can't expect all "NY Style" Pizza joints to cost the same. If you don't feel Tomato Pie is worth the price, then you are free to go to the ones that you feel are a better value. Why does someone pay more money to eat sushi at Mori versus Gen, when sushi is sushi?

        1. re: TailbackU

          Funny you said exactly what I already said that I am not going to TPPJ because it's overpriced. I think you understood my point exactly. But with that said I am going one more time because I make pizza and the piece I had from them had the spider web effect in the rim of the pizza if you know what that is. I have to go back and see if the piece I order again has that or if it's hit or miss. It's a good piece of pie, don't get me wrong but I feel half the size for the same price of other NY Pie places is not for my liking. I am willing to pay to see if they get that spider web effect again though.

    2. Love it.

      Not overpriced compared to other pizza joints in the same class (Vito's. Joe's).

      2 slices of pizza and a drink is about 7.50 (3.50/slice for the grandma + .50 for a fountain drink). I don't call that overpriced.

      Based on my personal experience, I prefer Tomato Pie to the stuff I got in NY. I don't know where YOU go, but to me the price is good.

      Pics below taken at the Silverlake location. Grandma + Joe P. > *

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      1. re: ns1

        KoNY Pizza slice goes for anywhere between 2.00 and 2.75 a slice depending on where you go. If you don't like KoNY pizza that is not the point. It is good stuff and quality, not junk. It's just preference. We are not talking PJ or Domino here. Why can KoNY Pizza cost less per slice and be twice the size of the slice of Tomato Pizza Pie Joint?

        Luigi in San Diego, another excellent NY style pizza for up to $2.75 a slice that is twice that at Tomato Pizza Pie Joint. Yes it's in SD not LA but so what, point is twice the pizza for more than half the price.

        Could it just be the owner of Tomato Pizza Pie Joint is just a bit on the greedy side. It's an excellent pizza but over priced. Ingredients are ingredients. KoNY and Luigi excellent ingredients as well as TPPJ proves TPPJ is over priced.

        Oh yeah add to that Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza in South Pas and Pas is about $3.00 too and check out Nonna's down the street too about that.

        No matter how it's looked at you get half the slice for the same price as other really good NY pizza places. I'll go to Vito's and Joe's and see how it is one day.

        Look, I don't want to sound like I'm against TPPJ and that I don't respect other's opinions. I do respect your opinions but just it's that you get half the slice of any other place for the same price so elsewhere you get more for your money and those other places mentioned are no slouches of a pizza joint, you know.

        1. re: HoundDogz

          There is no such thing as "greedy". It's a matter of costs, supply, and demand. Melrose/Fairfax rent is probably a lot higher than Beverly/Western rent.

          1. re: mrfood16

            I hold a business degree and in business. I know about cost and supply and all that, I mentioned that above already. But there is a point where how much of it is covering cost and making a much needed profit or crossing the line to greed. Other places have cost and need to make a profit but come on how bad would it be to give a reasonable size slice of pizza like other NY Style places? And yes it is probably more rent on Melrose than on Western but is it that much more? It really does not cost much to make pizza so if they gave a decent pizza sized slice they'd probably sell more anyway and make more moolah. But whatever it's a great pizza but still overpriced. I'll go where the commoner's go and go to KoNY Pizza on Western in Korea Town area.

        2. I know you are talking about their pizza, however have tried any of their other dishes. We started ordering from them and their pastas are very reasonable and good. They give you a good value for the money. I like their baked ziti, and I get it with eggplant and it is very good.

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          1. re: paprkutr

            Based on your suggestion I will try their other dishes. Next time I'm in Silver Lake or Melrose I'll get the other dishes a try. I'm sure they are really good since their pizza is excellent. Thanks for the suggestions.

            1. re: paprkutr

              Tried to go to their web page to check out their menu to see the non-pizza items and their web page is down. Hopefully they did not go out of business because last time I spoke negatively about a restaurant they went out of business shortly their after but then again I am not superstitious either. I'm sure their site will be up soon and they are still in business. I do want to see their menu for the pasta dishes.

              1. re: HoundDogz

                Finally their website is back up.

                Just checked their menu and the pasta dishes are reasonably priced. I'd have to try them to see how big and how good they are though.

            2. Some people are more price sensitive than others? I really like Tomato Pie and have never considered it overpriced.

              1. oh man, visited TP over the weekend and saw something new (to me) - prosciutto happiness. What makes me really happy is that this is a normal pizza, just not usually sold by-the-slice.

                Seriously glorious. Prosciutto happiness + grandma + joe P = godly