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Mar 26, 2012 03:24 PM

Del Friscos/RW

A friend and I wandered over today for lunch. I had lunch at Ruth Chris on a good chance for comparison. Both were very good if not very culinarily exciting. They are traditional steak house chains. My more "interesting" RW meals came at Asana, Persephone and the late Sensing
Both rooms are nice but DF really has a great view of the harbor in a slicker room. RC is nice but more traditional, it was City Hall. Service was fine at DF but not quite to RC's standards. To be fair, there were 6 of us at lunch at RC, and a lot more for the service staff to do., which they did smoothly. On to the more important meat of the matter. Who's steak was better. I have to give a slight nod to RC, just a little more flavor and better texture..of course with enough sizzling butter onit, a shoe would taste good..:) Minor point but DF is $22 instead of the usual RW $20 and the same meal can be had anytime for $24. Wine list at DF seemed pricey..didn't see it at RC.

Bottom line, no clear winner or rather they're both winners but I don't see myself running back for dinner on my own dime anytime soon. Both would work well for a splurge lunch...and it is nice to see all the activity in the Seaport District.

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  1. Also went for lunch yesterday for my first visit. Agree that the view would be the main reason to visit this steakhouse as opposed to others around the city. Also noticed that they do the RW-type lunch all the time and that might get me back a bit more often. For my first course I had the gumbo which was pretty tasty.

    1. Also, Del Frisco's is in the Seaport, which I understand is a *very* hot dining destination!

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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        lmao. "nobody goes there anymore. it's too crowded."

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Ate there this weekend.
          Very crowded - 30 minute delay for our 7:15 reservation on a Saturday night.
          The steak was very good. The sides were very good as well. The wine list huge.
          But really, $45 for a steak and the privilege of being served by very leggy waitresses - I'm over that.

          1. re: Cork

            The day I get buried is the day I'm over a very leggy waitress. Do your best to go during the week next time.