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Mar 26, 2012 03:19 PM

Restaurant rec for a group of girls?

Hi everyone,

I was hoping you could possibly assist based on the following info:

-Group of 10-12 girls late 20s/early 30s.
-Set/tasting menu that is less than $60/person, before tax/tip (I'm thinking a set course to avoid less headache on the bill).
-Staying near Union Square
-Prefer a place where we can get dressed up (not clubbing attire), versus showing up in jeans/tennis shoes.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I recall a few years ago I went with a group of about 12 to Farralon. They had a lovely and cosy private room intended for groups (I imagine most upscale restaurants have something similar). I recall that rather than a fixed menu, we had a fixed budget that we had arranged with the restaurant --it may have been part of the requirement for reserving the room since it was apparently a minimum (I did not make the arrangements). The minimum budget I think was about $1000 total and we could each order what we wanted given budget (we could go over the budget, I think). I also recall we were about $100 below the budget so ended up all ordering after-dinner drinks to reach the minimum, and they threw in a Farallon cookbook at the end because we were still about $50 short. For a large group, a private room may be the way to go --just thinking of the other customers, 'cause you know how boisterous a large group can get.

    1. $60 pp excludes beverages as well?

      Town Hall, Foreign Cinema, Kokkari & may be & see what they can do. DOSA on Fillmore is a fun place & they have a seasonal tasting menu for $35.

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        the food at DOSA is good, and the space is fun. it is very loud though. i went a month ago with a group of 6 and it was a struggle to have a conversation with anyone not sitting right beside you.

      2. Check out Bar Agricole (they have a nice private dining area where I had my most recent birthday dinner) and Zare at Fly Trap (had a celebratory dinner there about six or seven weeks ago). I think you can get away at both of those with $60/person but that would not include tax, tip OR drinks. I think DOSA on Fillmore is a great suggestion as I have seen groups of your size there.

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          I should've been more clear, the 60pp does not include drinks, just food. Thanks for the recs so far! :)

          1. 3 courses at gary danko is a bit over your budget at $71 per person, but is probably nicer than anywhere else that will be mentioned here.