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Any Decent No-Salt Potato Chips?

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My elderly neighbor must cut down on salt for health reasons. He loves potato chips, but immediately eliminated them from his diet after a recent heart attack scare. I suggested no-salt chips, but he says they don't taste good.

Can anyone suggest a brand that might be better than others, and any ideas for a spice blend to sprinkle on to make them tasty? I know it probably won't stick, but you folks always seem to have clever solutions for the oddest problems, so I'm just tossing it out there.

I don't want to make anything for him, for several reasons. I just want to say, hey, I read that this brand is pretty good, and here's a sample of some spices that might help you get over the salt. I'd say he's not anywhere on the heat tolerance scale!

I got as far as smoked sweet paprika and cumin, and now I'm stuck. All responses appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. Is all salt out? Lemon pepper is always a good choice because the pungency of the flavors (and pepper has no health effects of any kind - it's just there for the ride).

    1. I don't know where you live, but if UTZ brand is available, I love their No-Salt Potato Chips and their NO-SALT BBQ Potato chips. I've never seen other No-Salt BBQ Chips in our area.

      I don't have to avoid salt, but love these more than regular chips.

      If you can't get them in their stores they are available on line from UTZ.


      They even make unsalted sourdough pretzels

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        +1 for the plain UTZ unsalted potato chips

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          I just noticed this thread and clicked to specifically recommend Utz . . . I accidentally picked up a package of their no salt chips (regular, not BBQ) and they were surprisingly good.

        2. I prefer lightly salted chips to the regular ones, and Kettle Chips with no salt aren't bad.
          Do the lightly salted kind have too much sodium for him?

          1. Lay's reduced salt (by 50%) chips are almost indistinguishable from the regular if he can have some salt.

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              I love the reduced salt, in the light blue package. Not all grocery stores carry them, sadly.

            2. The thing is about unsalted chips. Everyone wants them, but apparently no body wants them enough to buy them. The company I work for has responded numerous times for the demand of no salt, until the time comes for them to actually buy them. For many, no salt is a nice idea up until the time comes for purchase.

              I also would suggest Lays reduced salt. For me i think they actually taste better then our classic chip.

              One more thing, be careful if you do find no-salt chips. Check the sodium level, as potatoes do have some sodium.

              1. Thanks, everyone, for the replies. I can get Utz and will give him a small bag of BBQ to try. He eats a lot of processed foods and doesn't read labels, so I'm not even going to suggest low-salt. I'm sure he's getting plenty of sodium! Again, many thanks.

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                  you could also try making home-made potato chips by baking them in the oven with olive oil, and sprinkling the Mrs. Dash no-salt seasoning on them.

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                    Thanks, Jaime, but I don't want to start down that road! He's a widower now, and I just want to suggest an option that he might not be aware of. Thanks for your reply.

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                    The BBQ chips have 200 mg salt in one ounce (about 20 chips). So that's not a great option.

                  3. This if for later seekers of no-salt chips. Utz are the best (try their no-salt pretzels and, just for kicks, realize that their regular chips have the same level of sodium as Lay's "low sodium" chips). If you live in the west, however, Utzs aren't around and shipping is equal to the cost of the chips. Kettle Chips no salt are OK but kind of greasy. Michael Season's are the better choice in California. Whole Foods carries them.

                    1. Trader Joe's now carries a trio brand of salt free potato chips that are made from three colors of potatoes. They run out of them a lot, but they are very good.

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                        Hi, I read that you were able to buy the Trio chips from Trader Joe's. What store did you buy these from as I called the Atlanta area stores and they said it was discontinued but may be available elsewhere in the US.

                        Thanks much! Rich

                      2. Sprinkle granulated garlic and ground pepper on no salt.

                        1. They have Mr. Dash No salt shaker...Shake on the chips. Also Jays..No Salt Potato chips

                          1. Not no salt but the Wise low salt are great.

                            1. I'm not on a salt restricted diet but I've tried out some of the Mrs Dash blends for the hell of it and I wasn't really impressed with them personally. They just tasted acerbic, stale and bitter to me. I'd rather something just be 50% less salt than loaded with salt substitutes that make it taste awful. Perhaps some fresh dips that are low in salt? Fresh salsas? Avocado dips? Maybe a Tzatziki of some sort? Or roasted garlic?

                              1. Aside from the suggestions of specific brands, I think it may also be a matter of time to get used to it. After decades of eating salty chips, it will take a while before he gets used to the less-salty chips. For me, it is just the opposite. I don't like salt so whenever I eat in a restaurant, everything tastes super-salty to me. It just takes a while for your taste to adjust. Plus, everyone expects chips and pretzels to be salty - it takes your brain a while to adjust, too.

                                I just looked up the nutrition info for the Utz No-Salt, by the way. Only 5 mg of sodium per ounce so it really is a big reduction.

                                And the other factor is this - how elderly is he? Maybe he's at the stage of life where he should just enjoy himself and eat what he wants? I have a very healthy, clean diet because I want to be healthy as long as I possibly can, but when I reach a certain age, I'm going to celebrate that birthday with a WEEK of great bread, great cheese, cheesecake, and pizza. At a certain point in life, you only have so much time left no matter what you do, so you may as well enjoy yourself and eat as you please.

                                1. I realize this is an old thread but for anyone who stumbles upon it in the future, here's a link to making them with a microwave: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9109...
                                  If you use baking spray (e.g. Pam) on the raw slices, powdered seasonings stick pretty well. I like Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute, which is salt-free.

                                  1. Not a fan of no salt but, the best I've tried were Kettle Chips version.