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Mar 26, 2012 01:56 PM

Weekday breakfast in Arlington (Ballston)

Any good breakfast places in Ballston? Looking for a weekday place, walking distance from the Westin at the corner of Glebe and Wilson. Thanks!

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  1. Perhaps Buzz bakery or Brueggers Bagels?

    1. Take a cab up to Lee Hwy and Glebe to Route 29 Diner.

      1. OK, I live near there and often go out to get breakfast because I'm too lazy to make it for myself, so these places are casual. Mike's Cafe (Stuart near Wilson) has great egg sandwiches. There is always Cosi with their breakfast sandwiches. Don't go to the Westin restaurant--their breakfast is not very good.

        1. IHOP at corner of Fairfax Drive and N. Stafford St. Also, Mary's Cafe in the NRECA building right behind the Westin is a good place for decent breakfast stuff. The NRECA building is at the corner of N. Taylor and Wilson.