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Mar 26, 2012 01:36 PM

Fish Fry that is kid-friendly

We are travelling to Milwaukee to visit family and I want to go to a Fish Fry. I know there are several threads on here about this, but haven't read anything that talks about being kid-friendly (18months). Also, we're coming from the east coast and, given the time change, an early (4:30-5ish) start would be ideal. We'll be staying near the lake by McKinley Park, so something close would be great. Not looking for anything fancy and it doesn't have to be the best, just something fun that could accommodate a group of 7 and is kid-friendly.


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  1. Hi,

    Most places that offer fish fry in the Milwaukee area are very kid friendly. No worries there. Your time constraint is fine as well because most of the good places are packed after 6. Will you be there during Lent? If so, the earlier the better.

    Are you limited to just the city? There are many great fish fry opportunities just outside of the city. Also, do you prefer a certain type of fish fry? Big differences between the heavily beer battered cod and the lightly dusted blue gills, for example.

    1. I'd recommend Lakefront Brewery. Its definitely not the best fish fry around, but it's got a fun, loud atmosphere due in large part to the live polka band. Not to mention, the beer is outstanding. The seating is set around large, round communal tables, so seating for seven will be no problem.

      1. OK, this is not at all near the lake, but the Boerner Botanical Gardens does a Friday night fish fry from 5:00 to 7:30, put on by the Bartolotta's. It's pricier than the FF at a neighborhood place, but it's definitely family friendly, can easily accomodate a group of 7, the setting is splendid, and may even be kind of fun.