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Mar 26, 2012 01:26 PM

North Beach Italian, or casual French near Union Square

Seeking dinner recs for a party of 6 with two pre-teens for one night, <$20/entree preferred. Yes, tourist central, but we have a few SF first-timers so I'd like to stick to these areas and cuisines and something with good ambiance to impress.

North Beach - I've been to DeLucchi, L'Osteria, Mario's and a host of others along Columbus, but a lot of these are a bit cramped for six. Been to Tony's and BaoNecci, but they're mainly pizza. Something similar to the closed Antica Trattoria would be great. Board search fave Ideale is probably my top choice; been twice and it was OK, but that was more than 10 years ago.. How's Rose Pistola and US these days? Any noteworthy places for pasta? Franchino?

Union Square area - Cafe Claude is likely my top choice, or something on Belden Place could work, despite being a bit more grown-up. Love the atmosphere there. Anything kid-friendly on Belden Place?


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  1. I don't find the places on Belden place particularly "grown-up", but most of them have outdoor dining area in the alley, that perhaps will be more comfortable for your group?

    Or how about Restaurant Ducroix on Sacramento (but I think they are only open a few nights a week for dinner)?