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Mar 26, 2012 01:19 PM

How to jazz up corned beef hash?

I'm eating the last of the corned beef (cooked last Monday) tonight. The freshly made hash (cb, potato, onion, brussel sprouts fried in olive oil) was lacking something. Last night fried it up in butter with eggs over easy. Better. One last meal. How do I enliven it. I'm thinking pickled jalapenos. :)

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  1. There's a deli in Austin (Katz's?) that slices corned beef for hash into strips instead of chopping it up, then they add plenty of cayenne while it fries up with the potatoes. I love it this way, and it's how I've made it at home ever since being served CB hash this way.

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    1. Try using caramelized onions instead of just sauteed onions. It adds a wonderful sweet and creamy element to the hash.

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        I am so heisting this idea! Sweet and creamy caramelized half moons of onions matched with the bite of cayenne plus the saltiness from strips of CB, with two perfectly poached eggs on top. Gosh darn it, I may have to go get another CB to try this.

        What type of onion would you suggest using? White? One of the sweets, like a Walla Walla or Mayan?

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          Not a sweet onion -- I've always found that regular yellow onions work best for caramelizing. The process brings out the natural sugars in any onion, so the sweet onions are overkill, plus they have too much water in them.

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            Ah, good tips, thank you. I was thinking about getting a 3 or 5# bag o'onions at the store today to do your oven caramelizing, then pack it into freezer bags. Didn't realize the sweet onions had more water in them.

      2. Try adding some paprika and garlic powder.

        1. Have you tried adding winter squash? and a little garlic at the end (so it doesn't burn).

          1. Corned Beef Hash Fritters (with some onion, shredded carrot, and just a bit of the leftover cabbage.
            Sounds wacky, I know. But if the batter is flavored with a bit of horseradish mustard and a dose of fresh ground pepper and the tiniest pinch of brown sugar, these can be pretty damned good.
            Unconventional and perhaps deadly, but pretty good.
            And as long as we're considering the unusual here, serve them with some mango or peach chutney.