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Mar 26, 2012 12:43 PM

Over brisket for passover need some inspiring delicious gourmet dishes

I feel like we always eat the same food on passover.
I am looking for some interesting menu ideas.

For now the menu I have:

Classic Chicken soup stuffed matzo balls with chopped liver

Spicy morrocan fish(no gefilte this year (hope im not crushing anyones heart)

I am looking for some interesting lamb or chicken ideas. Maybe some sides some and cool salads.

Anything would be a welcoming change from BRISKET!

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  1. I don't know if you can really omit the brisket and still have a complete seder. In my family, we leave a slice of brisket alongside the cup of wine for Elijah.

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      I'm trying to go for a less traditional Passover seder this year.

    2. I just bought a smoker so I smoke some lamb with a little dry rub.

      One year I made a nice stuffing with Matzo meal and then stuffed and roasted a leg of lamb. You could also do a nice small turkey or individual Cornish game hens instead of the chicken. They did the game hens on "Worst Cook in America" and butterflied them removing the backbone then pan searing them.