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Looking for a Restaurant in Central and Northern NJ for a Baby Shower...Please help

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I'm looking for a wonderful restaurant in central or northern NJ to host a baby shower for 50 people. The event will be for lunch on a Saturday/Sunday in June. Ideally I am looking for a beautiful location (maybe even outdoor space) that will accomodate 50 people in a private room or even rent the entire restaurant...Budget is anywhere from $40-$50 per person...Food must be wonderful, atmosphere bright and lovely to shower the "mom to be"...Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...Thank you!

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  1. Hello LG2831 Welcome to the New Jersey Board of CH. I see you are new here. If you look directly below this post you will see "NEW JERSEY BOARD DISCUSSIONS", That directly relate to the question you have asked. Check those discussions out to get what recommendations are offered and see if anything works for you. If not, just jump back here and sort of give us a better idea of what you need. Enjoy.

    1. We hosted a birthday party in Garlic Rose in downtown Cranford, which has a very nice private room downstairs from the restaurant. It is big enough to hold the number of people you will be inviting, and also has a bar. They offer good menu options, the price was reasonable and totally within your budget, and the food is excellent.

      1. Madeline's on Vosseler in Bound Brook has a few rooms for this type of event, one of which is a lovely greenhouse room.

        1. I had my wife's baby shower at Restaurant Nicholas arguably the finest restaurant in NJ. The daytime private party prices were within your budget in 2010 before my little guy was born. I believe the price per person included wine. I would give them a call.

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            If you don't mind coming to Hoboken (yes, it IS northern NJ) Amanda's fits the bill. It is a lovely restaurant with very good food. I know they host many baby showers. The atmosphere is very civilized without being pretentious.


          2. I have hosted showers at Colonia Country Club and they do an AMAZING job! I am torn to which is my favorite - the view, food or the service! They have different packages available. Ask for Diane - you will not be disappointed :)

            1. Try Pheasant's Landing in Hillsborough.
              We had a private event there for about 20 people, but there was room for many more (easily 50-100 people). Food was good - some nice European foods (owner is from central Europe) - well-liked by all. And at decent prices with a nice atmosphere (including outdoor space available).

              1. I had my daughter's bridal shower at Mediterra in Princeton. They have a back area which can be closed off with glass partitions/doors and it was lovely. Parking lot right next door.