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Mar 26, 2012 12:23 PM

Lunch between Rome and Positano

We will be driving (actually being driven) from Rome to Positano after arriving from the West Coast and will need to stop for lunch some place between FCO and Positano. Any suggestions?

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  1. We had a great lunch on our way to Ravello last summer. Al Solito Posto is an easy 15 minute drive off the A1. It's located out in the countryside, in what looks like a home. They offer a fixed menu, for 27 euros. Here is what we had:
    The menu is fixed, so once we sat down (sotto il portico) the food just started coming. Everything was locally produced, most of it from their very own vegetable garden. Crostini with pate' di olive, home made salami (both buffalo and pig); big balls of local buffalo mozzarella as well as slabs of buffalo ricotta drizzled with rose petal syrup.

    And then the fried stuff started: light as air zucchini flowers, served piping hot on butchers’ paper. Thin slivers of zucchini, coated in semolina flour then deep fried. My favorite were the cubes of eggplant, also dipped in semolina, fried, and then dressed with chopped tomatoes, olives, hot peppers and lots of mint.

    Next came pasta di grangnano, tossed with a barely-there sauce of zucchini, ground pork and loads of basil.

    The main attraction - and what most people make the hour-long drive out here for - was the slowly stewed buffalo. Cooked in a bit of wine, a lot of olive oil, and rosemary, the stew was incredibly tender and went perfectly with the best roast potatoes we’d ever had. I think she must have rolled them in the ubiquitous semolina flour, since they were crackly crunchy and golden on the outside, moist yet fluffy on the inside.

    Home made apple cake finished off meal.
    Via Auricola 8
    Amaseno (FR)
    0775 65428

    But make sure you call to reserve, since they actually cook according to who is coming.

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    1. re: minchilli

      Fantastic - thanks Elizabeth. I knew I could count on you!! This may be a funny question, but is there an AutoGrill on the A1 between FCO and Positano? I have always wanted to stop at one but my inlaws (who I usually travel with) refuse, so now is my chance! :-)

      1. re: ekc

        if you need other options search for a post called Rome to Sorrento, a year or so ago - it lists some places and links another thread with otherr spots along your route/ dont waste in on the autogrill!

        here s the link

        1. re: jen kalb

          Thanks Jen. I wouldn't eat at the Autogrill, just wanted to stop and see what all the hullabaloo is all about ... I don't waste ANY of my calories in Italy on non-quality food!

          1. re: ekc

            Im with you there!

            maybe you can look out for the Calabrian red peppers that Joe H always raved about - and just have a cup of coffee. I think the autogrills vary in quality - the one in the Pompeii Scavi offered nothing of interest.

            ps here is a map from the Autogrill site
            hope it helps

        2. re: ekc

          You definitely have to stop at an Autogrill! Especially if you've never been. It will be particularly weird and wonderful in a jet lagged haze. And yes, there is a notorious Autogrill on the A1 between Rome and Naples. Since you are with your driver, make sure you have him stay in the car with your stuff. I say notorious since this is an Autogrill where things can dissapear from a car.

          I forget if the Autogrill is before or after the lunch stop. If before, stop and have a cappucino. If after, stop for an espresso. You don't really have to have anything to eat, since you'll be stopping for lunch. But it's kind of fun - in an anthropological sort of way - to wander the aisles (which you are forced to do to get in and out) oggling the mega jars of nutella, italian version of chips and other strange plastic items that make noise.

          1. re: minchilli

            Thanks Elizabeth - that's exactly what I was hoping for! :-)

            1. re: minchilli

              At least one or two AG stops is mandatory, if not for serious eating. I always love the crush of many kinds of folks, the overstuffed jumble of packaged sweets, cds, toys, books, magazines, sundries, and, back in a corner, the assortment (of variable range and quality) of local foods, whether cheese, salumi, condiments, taralli, wine, bread. Panini can be OK. And then there are the baristas who manage the crowds with amazing aplomb, serving perfect cups impeccably and quickly. I remember fondly one in someplace between Naples and Sala Consilina--I'd ordered a panino and a coffee, and she asked if I'd be taking the coffee after. Yes, I said. When I turned back to the bar a few minutes later, panino finished, there sat a lovely ristretto. Not a missed beat.

          2. re: minchilli

            Elizabeth, do you think that they would be willing to do lunch on a Sunday? This place sounds so great but we could only go on our way up to Rome from Ravello rather than vice versa.

            1. re: msruckus

              I am pretty sure that Sunday is one of their big days. I think a lot of people come down from Rome to eat here.

            2. re: minchilli

              hi elizabeth, I am actually travelling from rome to positano on fri 27th from overseas. Is there any way of contacting them to make a reservation for lunch?

              1. re: annalim

                The phone number Elizabeth listed above is: 0775 65428

                1. re: ekc

                  Hi guys, I have been trying to call that number, but to no avail. I will be flying in to Rome from Singapore on 27th April, and do certainly hope to reach them to get a reservation. Elizabeth, did you have to call many times? And what is the best time to call them? Any other way to make a reservation? Thanks. Appreciate some advice from anyone.

                  1. re: annalim

                    are you calling correct? as in:
                    (your international access code, smth like 00)39077565428
                    39 is the country code for italy and the 0 of the area code does NOT get omitted in Italy, never.

                    1. re: vinoroma

                      Hi vinoroma, yep, called the number with the international code as well as the 0. But to no avail :( So dont really know why?