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Mar 26, 2012 11:48 AM

Armenian bread...

Hey guys!!

So, I was trying to find an Armenian bakery that sold this specific kind of bread. Years ago, my dad used to pick up this Armenian bread that was probably the most delish bread I've ever tasted! I could eat nearly a whole loaf by myself as a kid and I have been trying to find a place that selIs it. I don't know the name of it but it is a large, round, thinner loaf of bread that was covered in sesame seeds on top. Does anyone know of where I could buy it or know of a bakery that sells it?? I live in Orange County so I would prefer to buy it in my area, but if anyone knows of an exceptionally good bakery that sells it, then I would be ok with making the venture to LA. Thank so much!!

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  1. Jon's Marketplace carries a large selection of Armenian breads. They have locations in Westminster and Garden Grove.

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      So do the SuperKing Markets in Glendale and Altadena.

    2. Not in Orange County but Hye Bakery in Montebello sells the delicious bread that you've
      described. And you can get it fresh out of the oven in the morning.

      Hye Bakery & Grocery
      2401 W Beverly Blvd
      Montebello, CA

      1. I believe matnakash is what you are looking for. If you ever make it up here to the hinterlands, the Valley, try Sweet 1 bakery on Oxnard and Woodman, or there is a new artisan bakery on Oxnard and Whitsett that carries it I believe. I'll pick up a loaf and let you know if its worth the trip.

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          I don't think it's mantakash he's looking for, I think it's churek

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              It's listed as "choreg" on the card of F&J Bakery aka A. Partamian Armenian Bakery at 5410 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles 90016. Phone is 323-937-2870. Sounds like it's a mighty tasty bread according to this link about the bread.
              It's quite a ways out from the OP's location, but it is listed on the bakery's card. The place is run by the Mr. Partamian's hispanic bakers he trained. I heard when he retired he let his loyal workers have the place for their long and valued help. Sounds like he was a pretty nice fellow.
              I've never had their choreg. I'm only familiar with the place because the esteemed Burger Boy thinks they make which a very good lamajune so I've eaten that several times.

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              YES!! I Googled churek, and that is it!! Thank you so much!! Now that I know what it is, half of my journey will be much easier!!

          1. Are you asking about something that's more like a real loaf of bread, or like crackerbread? The choreg I grew up with when we visited my grandparents in Fresno wasn't round (and I think we only had it around Easter), but the crackerbread was always round.

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              I think it was that churek bread. It's like a real loaf of bread but just thin (about 1-2 inches wide).