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Mar 26, 2012 11:13 AM

Yorkville Espresso Bar - new spot on Yorkville Avenue

Drove past this place the other day, on the south side of Yorkville, just west of Yonge. Lord knows Yorkville could use some great coffee. Anyone been?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning this place. I haven't been yet, but will give it a try sometime soon.
    Re: great coffee in Yorkville
    Have you tried Zaza Espresso Bar on Bellair? I like their espresso + cappuccino.

    1. I will give it a try next time I am in the area.
      7 grams is awesome BTW one of the better place for Espresso Drink in TO.

      1. Just walked by the other day and was wondering if it was good, will try this weekend perhaps

        1. Thanks everyone - I may be in Yorkville later in the week so if I check it out, I'll be sure to report back. I love the friendly service at Zaza and 7 Grams is stunning space but for my taste, they both offer decent, but not great, espressos and americanos.

          1. i would also heavily recommend Seven Grams - go for the Bunn Trifecta individually brewed coffee, stay for the ambience. The espresso is decent, but that Trifecta coffee machine is amazing.

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              i like the trifecta at 7 grams -- the siphon is pretty nice too. i like their espressos & macchiatos, but am not such a fan of the drip.