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Mar 26, 2012 11:10 AM

Brunchworks on St. Clair

I've passed by this place a few times - has anyone been? Is it any good and if so is it kid-friendly?

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  1. It is pretty good and definitely kid friendly (they keep a stack of board games etc if your kids are a bit older) although the service on weekends has driven us out of our minds. Food-wise it is one of the more reliable brunch options on St. Clair but we have decided to give up on it for awhile until they get the service figured out

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      Thanks vroyale - can I ask what you mean by getting the service figured out? Is it slow or inconsistent? Being with our kids who are 2 and 4 means that quick service is a must - we have a window of about 30 minutes where they will sit and be quiet - after that it's mayhem. Clarification would be helpful. Thanks!

      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

        We have been twice for Brunch on the w/e and found both the food and the service fairish.

        It is definitely kid friendly, saw lots of families both times.

        There was nothing particularly wrong with the food or service, but nothing that great about it either.

        The word i would use is adequate.

        best bet would be to try and miss the big brunch rush. The first time we went it was around 11 on a Sunday and it took 20 mins to get a table and then the were slammed so even getting a drink order in took some effort.

        Best of luck

        1. re: Arcadiaseeker

          Our experience has been that when the restaurant is full (which it always seems to be on weekends) the atmosphere is chaotic, the service is inattentive and slow and the kitchen seems to get backed up. So we have experienced a lot of waiting with some extremely impatient kids (ours are two and five). That said it may be better now, which is what i meant by getting the service figured out - so if you decide to try it let me know how it goes.

          We have been searching long and hard for the ideal St. Clair brunch spot with kids and so far nothing seems to be quite perfect. We were loving Atlas for awhile, but the menu was small and now they've changed hands so not sure. My husband and I like Dave's but for some reason my five year old doesn't. We would be open t
          o any suggestions.

          1. re: vroyale

            We love Boom. While there is often a line-up, it moves pretty quickly. The food and service are consistently good.

            1. re: vroyale

              Vroyale, we usually go to Boom - it's small and there are lineups, but our kids are early risers so we get there early (before 9) and always get a table. The food is quite good and they have a TV with kids shows on in the back. They have a kids' menu too. It's over near Appleton.

              1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                We've been to Prop, which was mediocre and somewhat quiet, but they give you a lot of fruit with your meal. Cocolatte is another place which was pretty good for our kid - casual but with decent food.

                1. re: MeMeMe

                  I just can't get that excited about the food at Boom. Have not tried Cocoalatte or Prop for brunch - will check them out.

                  1. re: vroyale

                    Are Boom or Brunchworks open for Brunch during the week and if so how do they perform?

                    1. re: vroyale

                      I hear you on Boom vroyale. But it's the best of the bunch in this hood as far as our kids go - they are nuts about pancakes and sausages. Which is why I was hoping Brunchworks might be decent - they look like they've got pancakes etc. Cocolatte would be beyond my kids - no pancakes or homefries - plus the tables are kind of tippy and it's really small - I'd go with my girl, not my boy and definitely not with both in tow on a busy day (disaster). Might try Prop.....

          2. Been there a few times with my husband and two year old girl. It's actually pretty descent for the price. And the selection far exceeds Boom.

            It does get pretty busy on weekends but that would be the case with any good brunch family spots.

            They have fun types of booster chairs for kids, princess for girls and race car for boys.

            I do recommend their Brickhouse Grilled Cheese sandwhich as its quite good and their review on the Toronto Star the other day was good too!

            Their weekend brunch menu is better than the weekday options but their weekday lunch and dinner is pretty good too as they have Nathan's hotdogs, wings, gourmet sandwiches, pizza and my favorite from them is their real Quebec style poutine.

            Avoid them between 11 and 1 on weekends and you should be pretty happy.

            Oh yeah, one more thing. Everyday after 5pm, they do a 50 per cent off a a menu item which is pretty cool.

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              Hardy's has weekend brunch now - went yesterday (without kids) at around eleven and it was pretty much empty. Food was good.