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Best Fries in the U.S.

Hi, I'm a journalist working on a round-up of the best french fries in the U.S. and would love to hear your suggestions! What I'm looking for is the type of fries (steak fries, curly fries, thinly cut etc), how they're served (i.e. with dipping sauces like mayo or ranch, or covered in fresh mozzarella cheese and house made gravy), where they're served (name/location of restaurant), and why they get your vote for the best fries in the U.S. Are they best extra crispy? Sprinkled with sea salt? Served in a seemingly bottomless basket for the entire table to share? Additional specifics are welcome. Can't wait to hear what you come up with -- thanks!

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  1. So many fries, so little time!!! The first to pop into my mind would be Nathan's Coney Island thick crinkle cut with ketchup.

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    1. I wouldn't be so bold as to claim they're the GREATEST, but there's a chain sandwich shop called The Steak Escape that makes killer--literally--fries. Skin on, greezy, salty and cut a bit on the thick side. No need to add a condiment.

      1. The fries @ Peter Luger's that are fried in beef tallow -- like the old Mc Donald's but much better. Seriously, the best fries ever.

        1. The Original, aka The Dirty "O" in Pittsburgh, PA. The portions are ridiculous and fun to take a first timer and have them order small fries only to see them dump the entire basket over a small fry tray. They're fresh cut of course and cooked to order. I like them crispy with malt vinegar.

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            That was going to be my answer. I typically order a small and share it with everyone, even those who aren't in my party because there is no way that 2 people are going to finish them while they are still warm.

            A Dirty O all beef dog with mustard and kraut sounds kind of good for lunch, but I'm 100 miles from Bridge-burgh.

          2. Mr. PIckwick's Gastropub in Stowe, VT. A bit different. Big wedges of potato fried crispy and fluffy and buttery inside. I couldn't stop eating them. Ate them all and didn't finish the sandwich they came with.

            1. Pommes Frites, 2nd Ave and 7th st in Manhattan.

              Freshly cut spuds are twice cooked while you wait, a huge selection of sauces to choose from (many are mayo-based which I don't like, but ketchup is a perfect match for these).

              Crisp and delicious, frites is all they make. There is usually a line out the door.

              I like to pair them with a chocolate egg cream from Gem Spa up the street on St. Marks and 2nd. Heaven on a block in the East Village.

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                2nd Pomme Frites. They're served Belgian style, in a paper cone. I like them with Roasted Garlic Mayo or Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo.

              2. Sweet Potato fries, Schnipper’s in NYC on 8th and 41st.. The fries are great on their own but they serve a maple dipping sauce that is just delicious. The slightly sweet sauce really compliments the sweet potatoes.

                1. Shake Shack crinkle-cut, Yukon Gold fries are cooked perfectly and delicious plain.

                  Thrasher's in Ocean City, MD and Rehoboth, DE. Thrasher's serve boardwalk-style fries that have the most intense potato flavor of any fry that I have had. They are fried in peanut oil and customers sprinkle them with malt vinegar and salt. Absolutely addictive.

                  The perfect frites served alongside pastis-scented steamed mussels at The Girl and the Fig in Sonoma, CA will haunt this east-coaster's memory forever.

                  1. Curly's Fries, thick cut crinkles served on all New Jersey boardwalks.

                    1. Duck Fat, Portland, Maine. Hand cut,locally sourced Belgium fries, twice fried in duckfat for a crispy outside. About 6 different dips to choose from.

                      1. Thanks everyone for these great suggestions! Please, keep 'em coming!!!

                        1. Two places in the Triangle area of NC:

                          1) Chuck's (Raleigh) - Belgian thick cut fries, served with about 7 different dips (similar to Duck Fat in Portland Maine)

                          2) Bull City Burger & Brewery (Durham) - shoestring fries cooked in duck fat with rosemary and fleur de sel

                          1. IN N OUT.

                            Forget the haters. I love the freshness and the actual potato, as opposed to 50% potato 50% fry congealant found elsewhere.

                            Oh and Primanti Brothers for east coast.

                            1. In the Twin Cities area, the best bets are at Vincent, Meritage, and Heidi's. They are all thin, not greasy at all, light, crisp, and generously salted.

                              The best fry "dips" are bearnaise and aioli.

                              1. Again, you guys are phenomenal. I've loving your suggestions -- thanks!

                                1. my vote is for Chickies & Petes Crab Fries with cheese in the Philly area. Crisp, crinkle cut fries topped with Old Bay and served with a white cheese sauce for dipping. I go out of my mind over these.

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                                    Oh, good one! My nephew loves these!!!

                                  2. In Kansas City, Gates and Son's Barbecue.
                                    Their barbecue is not the best in KC but the steak fries are super crispy and always fresh. Usually too hot to eat right away.

                                    1. In San Antonio, TX... Le Fritte. Order moules and a paper cone in a spiral holder filled with the most delectable French (Belgian) Fries arrives at your table. The Duck Fat Fries at Romo's are also very
                                      special. I'll take either, any day.

                                      1. Rule of thumb as you try to sort places to check out: They are best when they are fried in a fat that is solid at room temperature, preferably with some delicious flavor: beef tallow (old McDonald's fries, before they went downhill; traditional British chip shops) or duck/goose fat (French/Belgian frites, classically; and that fat is, like lard, a relatively healthy fat as these things go), for example. The texture is incomparable.

                                        Corollary rule of thumb: fries fried in canola oil are liable to tasty fishy due to the fat profile of that oil and how it behaves at prolonged high temperatures. Peanut oil is a better commodity choice in this regard, but more expensive. But liquid fats are just not the same as solid fats for this job as a general rule.

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                                            Yes completely agree on the animal fat. That's why I love Peter Luger fries.

                                            I once tried fries fried in vegetable oil and fries fried in duck fat from Chicago's Hot Doug's side by side. I was surprised that I didn't taste more duckiness in fry form as one of my favorite ways to prepare potatoes is duck fat roasted potatoes. Over the weekend I also had some duck fat basted potato wedges from a local restaurant and really tasted the duc. But for some strange reason, the flavor is not as pronounced in a thinner potato form. I would have thought it would be duckier, especially as a great surface area is exposed to the fat.

                                            1. re: Miss Needle

                                              "Duckier" is a word I rarely encounter.

                                            1. yesterday this was my faire.
                                              finally got to Pommes Frites on 2nd Ave in NYC, Eastside borough or wherever it is, citywise, no clue what it's called.
                                              anyway, no disappoinment there at all.
                                              really great tasting hot morsels of goodness, the dipping sauce I got, I won't get again, but only because I'll try one of their specialties next time.
                                              I'll download photos later, can't figure out how to right now

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                                                my Pommes Frites from New York

                                              2. Al's in Burlington, VT. Best at 1AM

                                                1. The duck fat French fries at Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas get my vote.