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Mar 26, 2012 10:44 AM

Looking for Albanian/Bosnian/Serbian Grocery stores in the area

I just moved to the area (live in Silver Spring MD) and am looking for grocery stores that sell products from former Yugoslavia as I am originally from there. I appreciate any information you can give me.

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  1. There's a small place called "Euro Mart" hidden in a row of shops near the intersection of Rockville Pike and Route 28. They don't have a huge selection of items, but I believe the owners are a Bosnian couple and they are very friendly and helpful. They carry a selection of products from the former Yugoslavia and other European nations.

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    1. Well not near Silver Spring, but in Virginia near the Huntington Metro is the Balkan Grill, which I gather has a a small grocery next door with Bosnian specialities ( The North Kings Highway Exit. This place got a lot of good press a couple of years ago. I have not been but thought it worth a mention.

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        Definitely sounds like a place worth visiting. Thank you

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          The grocer nextdoor to Balkan Grill is legit. Good selection of cured meats, canned and package goods, and sweets. Treat yourself to a burek, pide, doner, or cevapcicis at the grill.