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Mar 26, 2012 10:25 AM

Paris wedding dinner for 70 guests

I'm looking for a place to have a wedding reception/dinner for 70 guests in Paris. I'd like find a 1 star Michelin restaurant but am having trouble finding one that will accommodate a large party. We have a budget of 100 euro per person excluding wine. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Maceo doesn't have a Michelin star (tho I don't know why) but it does have a beautiful private room for such a party, and delicious food and attentive staff. and below budget.

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      Thanks ChefJune! I checked out the Maceo site and the room does seem beautiful. Definitely a consideration. I've never heard of nutri-gourmande before but seems like a neat concept. I looked briefly at the menu for the spring and noticed that there's a lot of asparagus in their seasonal menu! :) Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. By French standards, a wedding banquet for 70 is pretty large. I can't think of any Michelin-starred venue that has the capacity at that price. Maybe Apicius but probably twice your budget. I have been to some pretty spiffy wedding receptions in one or other of the palace hotels (i.e George V, Plaza Athénée, Crillon, etc) but all were held in salons privés rather than the main restaurants and the food, while quite good, was never the same standard offered in the restaurants. Of all that I sampled, Le Crillon was probably the best in terms of facilities and cuisine. But, I assume, very pricey. And Le Bristol was almost just as good and, if you can snag one of the salons that open to the garden, quite special in summer.

      While the food is hardly top notch, la Bagatelle restaurant (also HQ for the polo club) in the Bois de Boulogne might be worth a look. Very popular with the jeunesse d'orée of Passy, Auteuil, and Neuilly for their noces nosh.

      The gorgeous Maison de l'Amérique Latine on the boulevard Saint-Germain in the 7th is another popular venue for wedding receptions. It has a very good lunch-only restaurant that doubles as a catering kitchen for private events in the evening and at weekends. Not Michelin-starred but good enough.

      The Maison des Polytechniciens and its very good restaurant Le Poulpry on the rue de Poitiers in the 7th is another possibility. It will probably run to around 150€ head (with wine). Plus you can also hire the "cave" for a bit of partying after.

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      1. re: Parnassien

        Hi Parnassien,

        Thanks for your reply. I looked into all the places you mentioned and most were too pricey for us. The Maison des Polytechniciens and Maison de l'Amerique Lataine are definite considerations but my french fiance isn't comfortable with a place that specializes in weddings. He would prefer a place that puts the focus on the food. Sigh...Looks like we may need to pare down the guest list. We are now also considering looking a little outside of Paris (1 or 2 hours) and restaurants that may not have a star but are still gastronomique. Our wedding isn't until June 2013 so we have time but would like to get this nailed down as soon as possible. Thanks again for you help!

        1. re: annejl

          "He would prefer a place that puts the focus on the food. Sigh.."

          The problem with the really better restaurants is that they do not want to do big groups, probably because it is more about organization than about serving good food.

          Usually you rent a beautiful venue, like la Maison de l'Amérique Latine and get a caterer like Le Nôtre.
          The classiest wedding I have attended in Paris was a gf's do for which she rented the Jacquemart-André museum, catered by Le Nôtre. It was unforgettable, except for the food. I mean the food was not bad, it's just not among the things one remembers. Budget-wise, if you ask, you can't afford it.
          My wedding was at Pershing Hall. The venue has a nice French-American heritage in a soberly elegant setting. That was before it was gussied-up by Andrée Putman. I did not pay much, but it was in the last century…

          Again I don't remember anything about the food. Believe me, on your wedding day, there are many many things to focus on, and no one will remember the food.

          If you really want to make food your priority, maybe this:
          For my class reunion with a motley crew of 65, I called all the good restaurants and was rejected by all of them.
          Finally I moved the whole operation to the countryside not far from Paris, to the ferme-auberge de la Recette near Fontainebleau.
          The setting is bucolic and charming, the food great, with all the ingredients produced by the farm (or associated nearby farms). The cost per person was extremely reasonable. It was a very charming, novel experience for all my classmates. But I don't know if you would find it romantic...

          The capacity given on the ad is 50 persons. But we were 65 and were fine.
          (uh, that was the number of persons, not our mean age. :-)


          As for transport from/to Paris, with the money you save from cost per person, you can rent a tourist bus and transport everyone from Paris there and back.
          I would recommend a lunch so that you can make good use of the photogenic bucolic setting.

          1. re: Parigi

            Hi Parigi,

            "The problem with the really better restaurants is that they do not want to do big groups, probably because it is more about organization than about serving good food."

            Yes, I see what you mean. Thanks for your recommendation for the caterer - we had thought of this as well but hadn't started looking into yet. My fiance was interested in your idea of having the reception at the farm. We are going to try to send his brother over to check it out and taste the food. I'm afraid that it wouldn't be as romantic as you said but it does seems very unique. The idea of a bus is fantastic!

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            I would send your future bro-in-law to check out the food at Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Le Poulpry and La Bagatelle too. All are restaurants in their own rights and are not dedicated wedding venues. At the MAL and le Poulpry, the emphasis is indeed on the food... the glorious settings are a bonus. The food at la Bagatelle is admittedly less compelling but far above the level of the usual wedding banquet you get in the USA.

            1. re: Parnassien

              I woud second the Maison De l'Amerique it always looks really great and i thought had a good reputation for food. Do check out Maceo, very central, and i am certain Mark would work something out in terms of menu. It is a good restaurant and is organised for functions - give him a call he is a long term English expat so no language barrier.

        2. I believe you can get what you would like with l'Angle du Faubourg from the Taillevent company. I organized an event for 60 people there once. And they have excellent and reasonnably-priced wines from their Cave de Taillevent.
          Don't hesitate to meet with them and talk with the chef to fine tune their standard offers.

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          1. re: Theobroma

            yes, maybe a possibility for the end of the year but closed for a re-do until june or july, i think ... re-opens just in time for its annual august closing

            1. re: Parnassien

              Thank you Theobroma! Since I'm not getting married until June of 2013 this may work out. I will give them a call when their renovations are complete. Until then, please send along any more suggestions in Paris and the surrounding areas for 1 star restaurants or restaurants of comparable quality. Thanks!

          2. Congratulations on your future Paris wedding. In addition to the excellent suggestions from other responders, you may want to check with a wonderful wedding planner here in Paris by the name of Kim Petyt with Parisian Party. She has received impressive reviews and mentions. Certainly she could provide you with several options too.

            1. Hi!

              I'm wondering what you ended up deciding on for your wedding. I'm in the process of planning mine & we're expecting 40-50 guests. Would love to hear what you selected for dinner & if you were happy with it.


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                Hi eview!

                My husband and I had 40 guests for a dinner reception at Le Violon D'Ingres, a Christian Constant restaurant. We ended up with a smaller guest list and raised our budget to 200 euros which included wine. I would say that you could maybe fit 8 more guests comfortably. They say they can seat 60 but this means people sitting at the bar as well.

                It is on the magical street of St. Dominique in the shadows of the eiffel tower. It has one star in the Michelin guide and the food was exceptional. The service from the start was a great experience. They proposed a course dinner, wine selections and were very willing to accommodate all our needs. The host was quick to return calls and speaks fluent English. We went in ahead of time to taste the wine and make our choices for the meal. We also discussed when speeches would be made during the course of the night. The meal consisted of champagne and amuse bouches as the guests arrived, then a pea consommé, a langoustine ravioli in lobster bisque, sea bass dish, veal dish, cheese, and a millefeuille dessert. It was more than enough food and everything was really well prepared. The staff was extremely attentive. I would highly recommend Le Violon D'Ingres for your event. Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck!

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                  "Le Violon D'Ingres"
                  Fine choice. They should speak English since Madame hails from that ile.

                  1. re: annejl

                    Thank you very much for reporting back. Your wedding sounds lovely. Bravo.