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Mar 26, 2012 09:29 AM

did I ruin the all clad??

I set my 14in saute pan (not non stick) on the burner to heat up on (M) prior to adding the oil and got distracted. It was there, dry, for at least 5- 10 minutes.

There are no obvious signs of damage, burn marks or warping (I think) but I am curious if I have changed the pan molecularly forever??


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  1. What did you do after you noticed that you are heating an empty pan?

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      BTW, it is all-clad LTD with the gray bottom.

      i allowed it to cool on a rack. There was nothing to burn on the interior but there might be a slight discoloration on the bottom. I am not certain if that was already there.

      There might also be an ever so slight wobble (warping?) which may have also been there prior or may be my cooktop grates are not perfect (Wolf range).

      To look at the pan, you would not notice a difference, I am just concerned there are going to now have "hot spots" or that the pan will not perform the same while cooking.

      1. re: MSK

        I see. It is LTD. It is probably fine considered that you cool it down slowly. The concern is that if the stainless steel has delamainated/separated from the aluminum. If so, you will have hot spots. Most likely you are fine because you didn't put it on very high heat, right? However, there is no way to tell until you start cooking.

        1. re: MSK

          I think that's the proper way of letting it cool down. Your stove won't be hot enough to alter the SS. The worst it can do is warp or cause separation. You can set it down on a glass table or something perfectly flat to check for warping. For glass top and induction users the wobble might be an issue.

          I'm sure AC have tested their cookware in even worst conditions than what you put it through.

          One user here reported that the clad metals in her Copper Core bulged and separated. But it was left dry on the stove all night.

          1. re: unprofessional_chef

            This is good news as this is the one piece of equipment that never makes it back into the drawer (it's always in use!).


      2. You might have changed it molecularly if it melted or burned.

        1. You can put a piece of all clad through a lot more than that and it will be fine. I had a house fire where half of my house got destroyed and the all clad pieces were totally fine. I took some bar keepers friend to them and they look like new and work the same.

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          1. re: ecwashere7

   there's an endorsement!!!

            they should use you in their ads! Better than "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!'

            Sorry about the fire.

            1. re: MSK

              I just re-read that it was LTD. I was commenting on my stainless equipment. Sorry. Still, All-Clad is built to last. If you ever have a problem with it you can get it replaced with almost no questions asked.

          2.'s the update:

            Not nary a burnt kernel in the 5 onion Risotto last night!! Bellisimo!