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Mar 26, 2012 08:56 AM

Haven Pizza Bethesda

family went on Saturday for a very enjoyable lunch. Ordered arugula salad, "potato chips" (actually pizza dough with garlic and spices quick cooked) for appetizers. Then had 4 excellent pizza's including the white clam, the mozzarella with vodka sauce, the mozzarella with tomatoes and basil and tomato sauce and the white pizza with spinach garlic and mushrooms. Loved them all. finished with homemade chocolate gelato. Was very good and may be the best pizza in DC area surpassing 2-Amys, Mia's, pizza paradiso and comet ping pong.

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  1. Agree, it's excellent. Definitely New Haven style, with the charred crust and texture. Might not be fair to compare to authentic Neapolitan, it's a different animal. I think it has the edge on Pete's.

    1. Went back to Haven again and my enthusiasm has tempered a bit, but I still like it. The arugula salad was very good, but we ordered a whole pizza, and the crust was uneven. There were some thick(ish) doughy parts, as opposed to the thin crisp crust that I had on my first visit. I think it might be best to only order smalls, because they couldn't even cut it right - the slices were all messed up. Besides, we were pretty full after the salad and half the pizza.

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        That's funny because we got 2 larges to go and were laughing about how badly they were cut-- each pizza had slices that were rectangles! I'm not even sure how you do that.

        I like the pizza a lot but I do feel like it sometimes teeters right on the edge of being a little too doughy. I also feel like they could use another salad or something on the menu.

        1. re: Doh

          We got a pizza to go from there and it wasnt bad. The lady gave my wife some spiel about the way they cut the pizza. So its not really all messed up, rather how they intend to do it. Something about how that makes it more authentic "new haven" style.

          1. re: elegantelliot

            Interesting, didn't know that. I didn't mind the cutting, just the doughy parts (which led me to believe that an employee was just high when making this pizza, bc the small that I had there was uniformly thin and sliced).

            1. re: mdpilam

              New Haven pies are very sloppily cut, at least at Sally's and I think at Pepe's as well. Modern is a bit more careful.

            2. re: elegantelliot

              Went to Haven for the first time. It was pretty good, but also kind of blah. My wife thinks it's because they use the cheapest, least flavorful flour (bleached and bromated). I think that it is a good pizza, but not as good as Pete's or Paradiso. The crust was great in terms of texture but not in terms of flavor. Also, what's with the pie tins for plates?

              1. re: ChewFun

                Thats the way they serve it in New Haven.....

                1. re: maypo

                  I don't remember getting pie tin plates when I was at Modern in New Haven.

                  1. re: ChewFun

                    Pepes does it......thats my experience

        2. Good, but not as good as Comet. I have yet to try Pupatella.

          1. Thought it was alright, but found the menu a bit odd. Is it New Haven style or Neopolitan? They should tout one or the other and not confuse the terms, because the are different. I liked my pizza, but thought it was a bit pricey. I also agree that the dough is somewhat flavorless. I wouldn't refuse to go if someone else insisted, but I probably won't go back. Pete's is one stop down on the red line, and OMG, how I love Pete's.

            1. Any recent visits? They were selling Living Social certificates.

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                I've only been once, about a month ago. The pizza I had (with vodka sauce) was very good, but the place itself was super crowded.