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Mar 26, 2012 08:46 AM

Looking for a non-kugel, make-ahead potato side dish to serve with brisket

I'm making the Passover brisket and I'd like to bring a potato side dish, too. I'll need to make enough to serve about 20 people. Any great suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Anything wrong with mashed potatoes? I like it with the juice of brisket.

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      They get kinda gluey if they sit around. I'd rather go with herbed roasted potatoes or similar, myself. They won't be as crispy as if made fresh, but they'll still be good.

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        I love mashed potatoes with brisket, and if they didn't have to travel that would be among my top choices, but I'm inclined to agree with GilaB, that they get somewhat gummy after a while.

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          What makes them gummy is the oil or mayo or whatever is added to pareve mashed potatoes to make them "creamy." That could be added at the last minute.

      2. Boiling little new potatoes in their jackets and just rewarming them at your destination works well. You can rewarm in aluminum foil on a blech or in an oven.

        But with brisket, I would bring quinoa ;-)

        1. How about potato salad? Make it Russian/Israeli style with sour Israeli pickles and eggs in addition to the mayo.

          1. How about roasted fingerlings or baby potatoes? I pour some olive oil over them, place some bay leaves throughout the pan as well as whole garlic cloves and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper. Sometimes I add in some rosemary as well. Depends on my mood. The garlic roasts to a squishy goodness and can be eaten as spread on matzo or on the potatoes. Don't have a specific recipe. I just do it by eye. It's easy and makes a great presentation.

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              I was actually thinking about something like that, sharon -- I really like the garlic addition. But instead of making it ahead, I think I'd rather pop it in the oven pre-seder. By the time we're ready to eat, the potatoes will be VERY ready.

              1. re: CindyJ

                Don't forget that the first seder is on Shabbos this year, so they'd have to be in the oven before Shabbos,

            2. Here is my never fail recipe for potatoes (I am so Russian it hurts...) - boil any small potatoes (red, white or fingerling) in jackets. Add some Pesach equivalent of Smart Balance, tons of garlic and fresh dill (both minced). When I am not lazy, I also quickly fry up some sliced white mushrooms with onions (both coursly chopped) and throw that into the cooked potatoes as well.