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Mar 26, 2012 08:37 AM

Best New York shopping for Kosher l'Pesach kitniyot

Surely someone on this board knows where to go.

Syrian Flatbush? Persian Great Neck?

Anything in New Jersey?

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  1. My hunch is the Syrian hoods in Brooklyn would be your best bet.

    1. Try the Israeli markets on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, like Holon.

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      1. re: EllieS

        Not in Rockland to my knowledge

        I will call my friends husband this weekend, he knows every Kosher restaurant everywhere?

        Note just called her and she will get back to me with the answer

        1. re: EllieS

          Definitely Holon. There are a number of markets all along that stretch of Kings Highway, between Ocean Pkwy. and McDonald Avenue.

        2. there used to be an israeli makolet on st marks place just by tompkins sq park [diagonally across from hummus place] - not sure if still there - holyland market ??? may have been the name but they sold kitniyot.

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            Holy Land is where we usually go. Ours being a mixed marriage (wife eats kitniyos, i don't) we don't get a huge amount of stuff, usually some rice, beans, humous, a couple other things. Good spot, but it's a smaller market so not a ton of everything

          2. I wonder if there are things online? Personally, I'm mostly looking for spices and snacks.

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            1. re: CloggieGirl

              cloggie, try everfresh in great neck, or amalya on main street, they have all kinds of delicious looking stuff i cant have

            2. definitely along the middle eastern places along kings highway or avenue U, or in queens at aaron's. Even fairway has some KP kitniyot.

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                1. re: at9001

                  Yes, please tell! I don't have time or a car to get to a lot of these places but can get to 2 Fairways.