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Mar 26, 2012 08:27 AM

Quinoa Sushi for Passover?

Has anyone eaten quinoa sushi or tried to make it? I have had a request from the earlier mentioned Offspring who is a major pain to feed during the holiday.

I found this recipe
and thought that I could try using the balsamic vinegar option as I don't care at all for the ingredient list on the KP soy sauce analog. I also saw a paraphrase of a Heston Blumenthal recipe where it's recommended that you puree half the quinoa before mixing it back with the whole quinoa to achieve a stickier consistency.

I would have to use tuna or salmon to satisfy my "audience" but I don't see that part as posing any major problems. I would like to know, however, if anyone has any experience with quinoa sushi as I'd prefer not to waste hard to find ingredients on a wild experiment.

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  1. The quinoa gets plenty sticky once cooled, no reason to make it stickier. I've seen this preparation before. A nice alternative to matzah-everything.

    1. What would be the deal with seaweed/ Nori for wrappers? Are they available ?

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        Have yet to see certified nori but there are any number of nori-less variations. You can do smoked salmon/cream cheese/lettuce or even tuna/jalapeno/cilantro/spicy mayo.

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          Thanks. I don't do any of this. My son-in-law is the family sushi maven. I just want to lay in the proper supplies for him to work with.

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            There's no right-or-wrong on ingredients these days.

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            From a previous Passover thread concerning Nori, take it for what is worth.