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Mar 26, 2012 08:25 AM

Food Tour/ Class in Rome

My wife and I will be in Rome for business for the month of April. We are interested in arranging one of the food tours during our first week there. There seems to be many options out there and I thought that the Chowhounder's might be able to help steer us in the right direction. We were looking for a half day tour that can help us get more quickly acclimated to eating in Rome. Looking for something very informative with a focus on shopping in the markets, picking restaurants, ordering food and proper etiquette/ avoiding scams. All in all we were looking for some general guidance for eating in Rome for a month (with plenty of restaurant recommendations thrown in!)

We are staying in the Via Veneto area on Via Francesco Crispi. So a familiarity with that area would be great but we would be happy to tour anywhere in the city. We do not speak any Italian but are in the process of learning the basics as we know that it really helps...even if we are terrible it seems like the effort is usually appreciated.

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  1. There are several regular posters on this site who offer various tours and classes. As they graciously share their vast knowledge with us, I'll respond on their behalf, as they won't engage in self-promotion. Be forewarned, though, that they may be fully booked, especially for early April, at this point.

    Cooking classes, including shopping:
    Food tours:

    You didn't ask about wine, but for winetasting:

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      Lisa, you beat me to it. BnB - all are highly recommended!

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        I also have toured with Elizabeth- she is a wealth of knowledge-- and fun!

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          As lisaonthecape mentions, we don't allow anyone to promote their own services here. We realize that it's hard when fellow hounds also provide services for those hounds not to engage when discussion of their businesses arise, but it's not something we allow, so we've removed a few posts along those lines. We feel Chowhound works best when we keep the focus on consumers sharing tips with each other.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Appreciate all the help! I will definitely be booking with one (and possibly two) of the Chowhound regulars.