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Mar 26, 2012 07:51 AM

Cooking with Jazz closing April 22nd

WOW! It looks like Cooking with Jazz is closing April 22nd. We will miss you Steve!

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  1. Wow, seriously? Is there a source for this info you can point us to?

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      1. re: squid kun

        Oh thank you so much! Bummer that they are closing - I had plans to go later in April. Sorry to learn that business wasn't doing so well.

        1. re: megc

          Ugh, another loss. The best cajun in NYC. I hope he reopens :(

    1. Tried to get a table this weekend and booked solid both days, any CHer get a table?

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      1. re: Pookipichu

        We just got back - we were there for the last night (Sunday). They had the full menu and the place was mostly full although there were some empty tables. I'm guessing that the dreadful weather kept some people at home. We very nearly stayed at home but decided to brave the elements and the Interboro for a last taste of the best Cajun food in NYC. We ordered more than we usually do and brought a bunch of leftovers home. Lunch will be good tomorrow.

        Steve was roaming around drinking beer and taking pictures with the guests while spending some time in the kitchen. Lots of regulars there. It was a weird mix of festive and a little sad. They were selling the art work and fixtures and there was a big "For Rent" sign outside. I will really miss his food.

        Are there any other decent Cajun places anywhere in the city?