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Mar 26, 2012 07:14 AM

Toloache--Can I bring a well-behaved seven year old there?

I have read about Toloache and it sounds great. We will be in NYC for a few nights and I am considering it for dinner, we all love Mexician. Will I raise an eyebrow if I take my seven year old daughter there? Yes, she is quiet and is quite restaurant savvy. I just don't want to annoy others with her presence? Thoughts? Are there other very good Mexican places that you like?

Also, is Landmarch or The See Grill overrated for dinner? Those are some places that i am researching as well.

We want to go to a place where having a kid is not looked down upon, but I want to avoid chains or gimmicky places. That is not our thing!

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  1. I think your daughter will be perfectly welcome at Toloache. It's a very family-friendly restaurant, in my opinon.

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        Actually you meant Landmarc (one word) and SEA Grill. ; )

      2. I agree with Cheeryvisage that taking your daughter to Toloache will pose no problem whatsoever. The food is delicious, and service is very friendly.

        It's been ages since I've eaten at the Sea Grill. I think maybe summer of 1982. I was working in the area, my mom was in town visiting from Florida, and we went there on my lunch hour. Sat outdoors on the terrace, which was lovely. I haven't a clue what we ate, though. But if it had been bad, I would have remembered. My guess is that you'll have a very nice meal.

        Never been to Landmark, but Hounds who have say the food's pretty good. it is very kid-friendly.

        1. Sea Grill, is OK, not great. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there.

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            Thanks so much. If you can think of any other restaurants (but not cheesy) restaurants let me know. We love Mexican, French, and contemporary American, etc. I love places that are not geared towards kids, but you can take your child and not offend.

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              Kid friendly but not boring for adults:

              Manhattan with a 10 year old report (some of these places might also work for you):

          2. i took my wife and 12 yr old there, and it was a great experience. definitely safe in terms of spice heat too, as there were many options that had flavour without explosive chilis. the servers are kid friendly, although it gets pretty busy and noisy so if you require a more sedate room, it might not be ideal, imho