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Humm and Guidara's Nomad

Officially opens tonight. Let's get it started... Has anyone been? How is the service? Any standout dishes? Dare I ask how it stacks up against EMP?

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  1. Thanks to all of your responses. The menu looks great. I'm looking forward to trying the vegetable entrees (love what EMP does with their vegetarian menu) and I'm sure my husband will go for suckling pig - can't resist it! I would love to hear someone's experience with the 7-course tasting if anyone's tried it. Looking forward to dinner on friday night...

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      GF is a vegetarian so she had the beets app and then the asparagus with bread pudding and truffles as main, she absolutely loved it.

      And I forgot to mention, we shared a milk and honey for dessert, it was awesome.

    2. Great Thread! I'm actually going tonight and was just wondering about the fruits de mer platter. Sounds like a definite now. I'm also looking at the Sweetbreads, Beef Tartare, Trout and Chicken for two. There will only be two of us. That's probably way to much food? Any idea how big the portion sizes are?

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        Pleas do a write up when you get back!

      2. Sorry, I seem to have completely ignored parts of your question (the suckling pig is still clouding my mind).

        Regarding the service, taking into consideration how new everything is AND the fact they were deliberately maxxed out I think the service was EXTREMELY good, commendable really. The waitstaff is pleasant, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, pacing was nicely done. Wine recommedations were seriously spot on BUT the only service hiccup was the wine delivery not syncing up with food.

        Stand out dishes: Everything we had!

        Snack - radishes with butter (we do this at home but this was so much better)
        App - taglitelle with lemon, black pepper, and crab (so perfectly balanced, love it)
        Main - pork belly with mustard seeds (with a crispy skin you would kill for)

        Hard to compare to EMP because I don't feel it wants to be compared to EMP. I will say the food is right there but the surroundings and level of "sophistication" are not intended to be as it is at EMP (and that is by NO MEANS a bad thing - it's just a different thing). This will be THE place to go when your are looking for fantastic food in a somewhat casual environment.

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          The tagliatelle was not on the menu when we went. I would know since it's one of my favorite dishes ever from the EMP people and I think it works perfectly in an a la carte setting.

          The suckling pig we had was pulled meat confited, formed into a brick and then crispy skin on top. No idea about pork belly.

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            Sorry fooder, I misspoke, you are correct and I meant to say suckling pig.

          1. I was really blown away! 'Fruit de Mer' was absolutely fantastic. It is composed of six small and delicious seafood appetizers like oyster, scallop, crab, lobster, hamachi, and sea urchin + caviar + apple gelee (sounds familiar, huh?). I also loved 'Foie Gras Torchon' with 'Tete de Cochon' in the middle. Chef Daniel's signature dish 'Suckling Pig' was perfect. I finished my meal with two desserts, 'Apple' and 'Milk & Honey', both of which were awesome. Service was friendly and flawless.

            1. We went last night and had a phenomenal experience.

              First off: the FLATBREAD! Fresh, warm and loaded with onions. I love a good complimentary bread and this one was one of the best I've ever had.

              We didn't eat too heavy and got the beets and peas as our apps. Both were delicious. The beets had an amazing flavor and paired very nicely with the pears. The pea composition was different than I expected, sort of julienned (I think it's a chiffonade on the menu) and then studded with pancetta and cheese.

              For our mains, we split the pig (unreal, definitely a must order) and the carrots. The roasted carrots reminded me of the carrots in the salad at ABC Kitchen in the best possible way. A totally filling entree for being vegetarian and really tasty.

              We were too full for dessert, but I would like to go back and try the milk and honey dish.

              In terms of drinks: tried the non-alcoholic Orange Julius-type drink which has orange blossom water in it. Light and refreshing, reminds me of childhood.

              Service was fantastic, food was as amazing as I had hoped. We'll definitely go back.

              1. Opening night at the NoMad I showed up a little early to scope out the space and have a drink at the bar. First of all the bar area is downright gorgeous. Plushy seats, a nice long manly bar top and an exquisite drink list- I foresee many nights in my future here that's for sure.

                I started with the Lady Johnston- Nicaraguan Rum, Chambrey Dry Vermouth, Velvet Falernum, Lemon and Basil. The cocktail was superb but my bar snack of Sweetbreads Croustillant with Parsley was even better.

                This is a holdover I remember from Eleven Madison but somehow they tasted even better here. Rich creamy sweetbreads inside a salty, crunchy crepe- this may be the best $9 I've spent in 2012! After the snacks we were seated at our table and started out with the Fruits De Mer. Mr. T wasn't happy with my choice since he expected a boring old platter. But then he saw the top tier...And the bottom tier...Let's break it down one by one.

                Scallop ceviche with yuzu, jalepeno and pistchio.

                Sea Urchin Panna Cotta with green apple.

                Hamachi with horseradish and lemon.

                Beau Soleil Oyster with frozen migonette snow.

                King Crab with avocado mousse.

                Lobster with lemon and chili aioli.

                This was such a breath of fresh air! Each item was phenomenal with the King Crab and Oysters being my favorite. Onto the complimentary bread. Toasty warm olive oil flatbread studded with onions and sliced potatoes. Just like the Fruits de Mer it was such an exciting and refreshing change from the boring old basket- and a delicious one at that! For our main we ordered the Whole Roasted Chicken for two with Foie Gras, Black Truffle and Brioche.

                They presented the whole chicken to us first then plated it in the back. I have to be completely honest- this might be the best chicken I've had in my life. Incredibly moist innards and a crispy skin. There was something almost addictive about the black truffle sauce and foie gras. However I wasn't a huge fan of the dark meat in gravy.

                But that's why I married someone with different tastes than me. My SO devoured the small bowl and said it tasted like Thanksgiving. Hmmm...chicken vs turkey... but I got it with the gravy. Some comfort food at it's best. I had prepared myself to eat somewhat like a lady but I polished off my whole damn plate. Most people might forgo dessert at this point but I was raised to never say no to sweets. So onto the Milk and Honey finale.

                I don't know if words can possibly do justice to this dish. It's another hold over from Eleven Madison and apparently Humm said he would never open a place without these flavor combinations on dessert list. Ice cream, dehydrated milk, brittle, shortbread...don't ask just try. It was exquisite.

                So that's my first meal at NoMad. Besides a little lag with our drink orders the service was pretty much perfect. My only disappointment of the night was that the Brooklyn Brewery "Nomad le Poulet", a beer made specifically for the NoMad to pair with the chicken, had not yet arrived to the restaurant. I silently cursed Garrett Oliver but it's also an excuse to come back again soon.

                However I'm not sure I need an excuse. When a place is absolutely beautiful but comfortable and the food is inventive and delicious, I'm not sure how many other excuses you need. Daniel Humm has another winner on his hands that's for sure.


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                  wonderful review and so happy you had a great time. This in all honestly should exactly like the meal I was going to order...(I've conceeded I'll save the pork for another time).

                  Thanks for the review.

                  *edit - great pics

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                    Returned last night and we had just about the same menu as you with the addition of bone marrow (for me) and smoked trout (dining guest) and GF had egg dish (loved it!) and carrots sans duck skin (said it was wonderful). Sommelier made a wine recommendation she felt could cover everything we were having and she nailed it! An absolutely fantastic Viognier. And in case anyone still has doubts about how great that chicken is I am here to add my rave. I can absolutely see myself ordering it for just me, it's like crack for anyone that likes good food.
                    And look for some (more) buzz because Dana Cowin was in last night and she looked pretty darn happy.

                    I guess the place is blowin' up pretty big because they actually had to turn people away from the library room. Great energy in the place and I just hope it keeps going (and we can still get in!).

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                      Decisions, decisions as to what to eat, this is going to be a tough one, but you are right, we can always return :)

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                        Thanks for mentioning the sommelier. She was just fanatstic in every way with helping chose a wine for our Fruits De Mer as well.

                    2. Just made my reservation for 3 weeks from now. Love the menu and the great reports!

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                        And I know you'll report back, can't wait to see more opinions!

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                          Loved dinner at The NoMad last night (no surprise)! We had a very early reservation, but by the time we left the Atrium was quite crowded, and the Parlour Room was filling up. Noise level in the Parlour Room is more subdued than in the Atrium which feels more casual. Service was very friendly and attentive. Glad to see Billy, one of our favorite captains at EMP, now as a Dining Room Manager at NoMad. Made our dinner seem even more familiar in addition to seeing some of our old favorites from the pre-grid EMP menu. There were so many dishes that I wanted to try, I can easily see myself making many return visits.

                          Love the cocktail menu. I had my old favorite non-alcoholic cocktail from EMP: the Orange Julius, as well as another non-alcoholic cocktail with pineapple. My sister loved her 2 cocktails as well. She had the non-alcoholic ginger drink and the Hot Lips that she classed as the smoothest margarita she's had. We ordered a nice 2010 JJ Prum Spatlese Riesling to accompany dinner.

                          For food, we started with the salmon rillette with sliced bread (needed more bread). The salmon was a lovely spread. We then ordered the much (deserved) praised Fruits de Mer--all the shellfish were perfect, and I lucked out since my sister doesn't care for uni, I had a double portion.

                          The flat bread was served piping hot, and it was delicious. Had to refrain from eating too much of it.

                          We both had the same first course: the soft cooked egg with asparagus and quinoa. Nice textural contrast of the components of the dish. Very flavorful.

                          For our mains, I chose the fantastic duck and my sister ordered the beef (chicken will be for our next visit). I love EMP's duck, but I think I enjoyed the duck at NoMad almost as much. Great flavor and so soft it cut with a butter knife. The beef is very similar to the beef dish from the old EMP menu. My sister adored the carmelized carrots.

                          I ordered the now famous Milk and Honey for dessert--fantastic flavors and textures. My sister ordered the lemon tart with ricotta. She loved it.

                          Very happy with my first (of many) dinners at The NoMad!

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                            BTW, has anyone had breakfast at The NoMad? Since my sister's office is nearby, we're wondering how it might be for a business breakfast?

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                              We stopped in for coffee and hot chocolate yesterday afternoon and the pastries cart was still out in the library. The Danish and orange blossom brioche we tried were only OK.

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                              So glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as we did.

                        2. My friends and I had an excellent meal at The NoMad last night and definitely went a little overboard by ordering the 7-course tasting menu with the beverage pairings. And because I didn't want to leave with regrets.... we added the chicken! Yes, definitely overboard but definitely delicious.

                          My one complaint with this addition (besides eating way too much food!) was when we were debating between the tasting and a la carte menus we asked if the chicken could be part of the tasting not necessarily an extra course. This didn't seem to be a problem. As we counted our way through the evening we soon realized the chickens were an addition...albeit a tasty one indeed. And yes, you read correctly…chickens plural…they sent two! Too bad our final bill was not as special of a treat.

                          Yes, the dinner was expensive, but the experience made for fantastic memories. My advice if you do the tasting menu with pairings is be prepared to leave full and beyond tipsy. They leave the bottle for each pairing at the table to be enjoyed throughout the course.... dangerous.

                          The family style aspect of the tasting was unique and made for great dinner table participation. Lazy susans, massive growlers, “picnic meats”, and ice cream scoopers…we couldn’t stop smiling as each course brought a new element of surprise for diner involvement.

                          Dishes included:
                          - Scallop Ceviche with Yuzu, Jalapeño and Pistachio
                          - Sea Urchin Panna Cotta with apple gelee and caviar
                          - Butter dipped radishes with fleur de sel
                          - Pig’s head terrine (or Pig face? Whatever is was…it was damn tasty)
                          - Sweetbreads Croustillant with Parsley
                          - Flatbread with onions and sliced potatoes
                          - "The NoMad Picnic" (that’s what I’ll call it! – and it was hysterical)
                          - 62 degree Egg with asparagus, quinoa, and parmesan
                          - Whole roasted chicken with foie gras, black truffle brioche accompanied with white asparagus and truffle potatoes
                          - Garlic encrusted Rack of lamb with potatoes
                          - Milk and Honey
                          - Fruit Cobbler with bay leaf ice cream

                          I appreciated the variety of the beverages in the pairing. Drinks included if I remember correctly: Billecart-Salmon ‘Seledtion NoMad’ Champagne, The NoMad Rose (perfect pairing for the picnic), Mount Eden Vineyards ‘Wolff Vineyard’ Chardonnay, the fantastic Brooklyn Brewery “Le Poulet” Brown Ale beer, Syrah, and finally a classic cocktail to end the evening.

                          There were so many items on the menu that I wanted to try, however, I seriously could not eat another bite. Fortunately I am lucky to be going back next weekend to explore the a la carte options (excited I didn't cancel my original reservation for two!)

                          Oh and Daniel Humm and Will Guidara came by our table and were so nice and genuinely excited. It was a pleasure to share our enthusiasm with them. Congrats on The NoMad…a fantastic addition to the NY dining scene.

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                            Great review! I will be in NYC for five days in August and it looks like another restaurant will need to be bumped to make way for this one.

                            How many of you were splitting the two chickens as an addition to the tasting menus?

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                              there were four of us total - one chicken for two people.

                              But with the amount of food in the tasting we could have split one chicken between the four of us and still been satisfied

                            2. re: eb385

                              guess I was still tipsy when I wrote this...correction..basil leaf ice cream. Bay leaf ice cream would have been quite odd!

                            3. Does anybody know if they serve the same menu for lunch?

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                                The menus are here:

                                Make sure to scroll down when you click on the Lunch one. It appears that their lunch menu is a shorter version of the dinner menu.

                                1. re: kathryn

                                  Thanks, looks like they're serving the chicken at lunch too.

                              2. The NoMad is the restaurant (Hotel) Griffou dreams of being. Three completely incongruous dining areas lie just past the hostess stand: the center one ("Atrium") is attractively bathed in natural light, courtesy of a large pyramidal glass roof; the right one is fussier, dominated by an ornate fireplace (called the "Fireplace", duh); the left one does its best impression of a velvet-swathed bordello ("The Parlour", but aren't we in America?). At first glance, I didn't get it. After several subsequent glances, I still didn't.

                                You have to walk through the "Atrium" to get to the darkly-lit bar. We didn't linger there, but I did recognize a bartender from Death + Company. Not unexpectedly, the cocktails read well for a restaurant list. Tucked away on the bar's left is the "Library", a puzzling wood-panelled room lined with utterly random books (The NoMad's website blithely calls the "fully curated" collection "eclectic") where people sit around drinking cocktails while eating appetizers, and during the morning hours, where people would presumably sit around drinking coffee and tea while eating pastries. In one corner of the room winds a spiral staircase, imported from the "South of France" (of course), leading to a mezzanine stacked with even more random books, while in another corner lurk several custom-made bottle service trolleys and -- oh god what the fuck is this place.

                                Most of the menu feels like an adaptation of EMP's simplified lunch menu, pre-"dining dialogue" grid. The roasted chicken for two, pulled straight from EMP, is pretty good, and the accompanying truffle-flecked mashed potatoes are pretty great, though Robuchon's pomme purée truffée may easily retain its smirk of superiority. By itself, the dark meat fricassée is more interesting than the white meat, as even foie gras brioche stuffing is powerless against the boredom of chicken breast. I'd recommend the Fruits De Mer, which is far more composed than it sounds: sea urchin with apple gelée and caviar, oyster with frozen mignonette, marinated hamachi with horseradish, bay scallop ceviche with yuzu juice and pistachios, lobster claw meat with something or other, strands of king crab meat with...something or other. I forget. It's good, though.

                                There's worthwhile food here. But watch it become swamped as a date place.

                                1. Enjoyed a lovely dinner with my husband at NoMad on Friday night.

                                  The location is a little strange - it's not really just north of the park, but really just south of the strange land between Penn Station and Korea Town. It's a fairly commercial, gritty area - but it didn't necessarily take anything away from the meal.

                                  The hotel is small, but elegant and you are transported as soon as the front doors are opened for you by the hotel's doormen. The lobby leads to the restaurant and the first room, the Atrium. The entire ceiling is a skylight and with a 7pm dinner reservation we sat down to enjoy the last hour of sunlight. The first thing I noticed was that the tables were a bit small, I later confirmed that these are the same in the Library and Dining Room - I just found them small - maybe because I planned on eating a lot :). The chairs were sublime and well cushioned, I felt as if I could power through a 12-course easily in this chair without needing a walk around the 7th course.

                                  We started with a round of cocktails which were fresh and bright. I went with the Bartender's choice and Leo came up with something citrusy w/dimplomatico which was just fantastic.

                                  We tried the radishes - dipped in butter and served with sea salt. the perfect way to start the meal, or "open your stomach". The fresh, peppery radish taste shines through but the creamy butter coats your mouth before you realize you are eating an entire radish. My favorite are the tiny ones which seem to have a milder taste. I pop the entire things in my mouth, greens and all. Almost arugula-like.

                                  Next the chiffonade of snow peas, where the string has been hand-removed resulting in a sweet, juicy salad served with pancetta and shavings of pecorino. The wafer-thin cheese complementing the freshness of the snow peas perfectly but taking nothing from their perfect texture. The pancetta adding the perfect meatiness to the otherwise light salad.

                                  Then the fruits de mar. perfect bites of seafood, which has been described (very well and in detail) here before. Unique and composed bites, rather than the usual "seafood platter" had my husband clearing out the entire thing, a self-admitted "not really a seafood person".

                                  The bread was amazing. I shyly asked for a second loaf after we finished the first before it even cooled. Spring onions and potato atop a ciabatta-type; served warm and no need for butter or oil. Just perfect to keep you going between courses :)

                                  A high point in the meal was the Asparagus, with truffled bread salad, potato ecrassee served on a bed of aldente tiny mushrooms. The creamy potatoes, and the richness of the truffle bread with a distinct taste of acid - maybe lemon (or vinegar?) , just made for the perfect bite.

                                  We also had the carrots, with wheat berries and crispy duck skin. A scant amount of duck, really for the crackle and hint of fat. Spiced with cumin with a mild indian-influence. It was with this dish that I noticed the big difference in plating here at NoMad vs EMP. This carrot dish was much more rustic than anything I've seen at EMP.

                                  The obligatory suckling pig was delicious as expected. crispy skin with succulent meat served with a whole grain mustard.

                                  Dessert time. The Milk and Honey is not to be missed if you are a fan of Honey or Toffee. Milk Ice Cream with Honey drizzle, served with crackles of toffee, shortbread.... full of deliciousness. I could have one right now for breakfast. At this point we had already shared three apps, three entrees and ordered three desserts (between the two of us) and I still managed to lick this plate clean. I'm a dessert person - but hands down the best dish I had here and the best dessert I've eaten all year.

                                  We also had the carrot cake and chocolate tort. The carrot was served with a cream cheese sorbet(?) and the chocolate tort was hazelnut and filled with ganache that just oozed out upon crackling the shell.

                                  The food is right up there with EMPs - the only thing missing really is the plating - but that's just not the vibe they are going for here. The service was great and well timed. We didn't drink wine, but all of the cocktails we had were well made and made with unique and seasonal ingredients. I would love to sit in the dining room next time and I hope to return to the library for drinks with friends - the customized bottle service carts are calling my name.

                                  Hope you enjoy the pictures - I took them flashless and the staff didn't seem to mind. A few more pics here: http://twitter.com/thirddinner

                                  Would someone kindly identify the type of mushroom I ate in the Asparagus dish? I usually avoid mushrooms at all costs, yet these were a perfect pairing to the plate. Thank you in advance

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                                  1. re: chloes

                                    If memory serves me they use enoki mushrooms in that dish and from the picture I think that is correct.

                                    1. re: Spiritchaser

                                      Thank you! From a google image search that looks like what I devoured. Thank you Spiritchaser.

                                      1. re: chloes

                                        GF isn't a big fan of mushrooms but she also loves the enoki

                                  2. This is my first post. I ate at Nomad a few nights ago and was very impressed, so I thought I'd give my thoughts. I was all set to order the chicken for 2, but my friend had to cancel last minute, so I'll have to save that for another visit. The onion and potato flatbread was delicious, as advertised. A nice contrast in texture between the crispy exterior and the soft interior.

                                    Next I had the Egg with toasted quinoa, brown butter sabayon, asparagus, and parmesan. Each bite was a bit different, but it was all delicious. I've eaten at EMP and was very impressed with my meal, but this dish beat anything I've had there.

                                    My main was the suckling pig with apricots, onions, and mustard seeds. The skin was so crisp that it was difficult to cut (I mean this as a compliment), but the meat was so tender that it broke apart as soon as my fork hit it. My expectations were high after reading other people's reviews of the dish. It met my expectations, but didn't exceed them (if that makes any sense).

                                    In sum, the decor, service, and food at Nomad were great.

                                    1. Just curious - has anyone had the duck at The NoMad so far? And, if so, how does it compare to the EMP duck? (If it is anything like it, the fact that it is available as a single-serving entree, rather than just the whole bird, opens up some extra ordering possibilities, it seems.)

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                                        The duck at NoMad is very different from EMP's duck. But don't let that stop you....

                                        NoMad photos, including the duck: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


                                        1. re: RGR

                                          We're (finally) having dinner at NoMad this week. This may be a difficult question to answer, but which would you choose: the duck or the chicken?

                                      2. I was there week before last. The food was tasty but nothing to write home about. Although I didn't have the chicken which they claim is their best dish. It is a leveraged version of Daniel Humm's cuisine - sort of an Eleven Madison Park lite - and it reminded me of the relationship that Nougatine has with Jean George. Except at Nougatine, the food is prepared in the same kitchen as Jean George with its monumental staff. I believe that three people are turning out the food in the Nomad kitchen. As I said to my wife when we were leaving, I would have no problem going back, but I wouldn't make it my business to go back. There are so many other original dining experiences to be had in NYC that I don't see the need to eat at a copy. Which I guess is why I never go to places like Nougatine or Perry Street.


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                                        1. re: Steve Plotnicki

                                          Another fan here, we had a fabulous meal Sat. night, service was great, sommellier made a very good recommendation on wine based on my request. I started with the fruit de mar, it is truly an outstanding appetizer and loved the originality of the dishes. DH got the radishes (he does not have a big appetite). For mains, I had the halibut which I must say is one of the best pieces of fish I've had in a long time, it came with snap and regular peas in a sauce that I mopped up with the bread. Great taste sensations. DH got the pork, which has been described before. Many thanks for those who raved about the milk and honey dessert, something I would never order, but did based on the recommendations here, it is, again, a truly delicious dessert, not too heavy and the perfect ending to our meal.

                                          Service was very attentive, only flaw was they did not bring the bread until I asked (when the main courses came), and then said it was a re-fill, I said no, we never got any bread. But that's all minor, all else was great.

                                          We sat in the "bordello" room, which was quite dark and romantic, I did walk around and thought the entire place was beautifully decorated, warm and inviting.

                                        2. Did the tasting menu last night. Epic. Review coming soon. Thanks to GM Jeffrey Tascarella for ensuring a memorable experience.

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                                            1. re: erica

                                              I disagree with Platt about the lobster. I thought it was fantastic and impeccably prepared.

                                              1. re: steakrules85

                                                The Post has weighed in; he did not like the lobster, either.


                                                I know what I'm ordering for the main at my next dinner!

                                          1. My dining companion nailed it: glorified first-class airplane food (and not all that glorified). And wildly overpriced. Service was definitely rough in spots. Though I suppose the point of the place is to see-and-be-seen. Honestly, the food wasn't even worthy of deeper analysis. I'm completely non-plussed by the raves above...a case of the Emperor's New Clothes, I'm guessing.

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                                            1. re: porkido

                                              I have to disagree. I ate the egg, the pasta, the halibut and the chocolate tart and I thought each was delicious and correct. I also loved my pre-dinner cocktail, Paris is Burning. Indeed, we are returning next week.

                                              1. re: Nancy S.

                                                Nancy S I completely agree with you. Been several times already and have always enjoyed it.

                                              2. re: porkido

                                                Glorified airplane food? Wow. You can put me on that airplane ANYTIME.

                                                1. re: steakrules85

                                                  I generally find Chowhound to be a fairly dependable source of opinion, but this is an odd case of mass hysteria. With the possible exception of the fruits de mer, every dish was unexceptional . The tagliatelle was stridently bright, with any crab flavor lost under the sour, one-note sauce. The chicken was ok, though the "crispy" skin was flaccid by the time it got to table and the stuffing had a texture that reminded of a newspaper left out in the rain...the fricassee of dark meat was tasty, but I'm looking for something a touch more rarefied than "tasty" when laying down 80 clams for a chicken. Etc.

                                                  And that's not even going into the service...which I can at least say was friendly.

                                                  This is a place to go if you want to tell your friends you ate two tables away from a famous fashion designer. If you want to eat some interesting, well-executed food, you have a plethora of alternatives in the city...and most at half the price.

                                                  1. re: porkido

                                                    Could you give us some ideas of where you go to find the better/cheaper food?

                                                    1. re: porkido

                                                      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion based on their experience and tastes. However, I thought the tagliatelle with crab was incredible and every bit as good as EMP's version. The lobster was also exceptional.

                                                      All I have to say is I am glad that I went to NoMad before it really gained steam because I think it is going to turn into one of the toughest reservations in town.

                                                      1. re: porkido

                                                        newspaper out in the rain, huh? thanks for the very evocative and informative report. it's nice to have input from people who are not among the EMP inner sanctum.

                                                        1. re: porkido

                                                          You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don't know that anyone is saying this is the best restaurant in the city. What they are doing they are doing at a very high level...and I'm going to put my newspaper out in the rain and do a little rain dance hoping for similar results to what I ate on Sunday.


                                                          1. re: porkido

                                                            I haven't been to NoMad, and my one trip to EMP so far under Humm (several years ago) was disappointing, but in any case, I would love to see your list of places that are as good or better at half the price.

                                                      2. My husband and I went back again last Friday anticipating a nice meal at the bar...but sadly you can no longer enjoy the full menu when you snag a lucky seat at the main bar. Only the shorter bar menu is available.

                                                        I'm really sad to see this dining option disappear because we always thought the bar dining was a great feature at The Nomad.

                                                        Ended up walking down to Veritas and had an excellent meal at their bar.

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                                                        1. re: eb385

                                                          The full menu at the bar was a victim of The NoMad's success, The bar area has become so popular people trying to eat at the bar were getting crowded out, management felt people weren't getting the full experience so decided to do away withi it. Commendable on their part IMO.

                                                            1. re: erica

                                                              Personally, the egg dish was one of the best preparations that I ate in New York this year. I plan to order it again on Tuesday.

                                                              1. re: Nancy S.

                                                                The egg dish was good, but it was the weakest dish of the afternoon for myself. Probably has something to do with the fact that the egg from Tocqueville was still resonating in my mind from the day prior.


                                                                1. re: uhockey

                                                                  You need to try the scrambled on the per se veg menu. Unearthly.

                                                                  If you don't want to order the veg menu just to get the scrambled. I would try requesting it get added on as a substitute/supplement to your "regular" meal.

                                                                2. re: Nancy S.

                                                                  Nancy: Agree...liked the interplay of textures and flavors in the egg dish. Hope I can figure out how to replicate that toasted quinoa in my own kitchen!

                                                          1. Congratulations and well deserved to The NoMad for the 3 star review in the New York Times! Now getting a reservation at The NoMad will be almost as hard as getting a reservation at EMP.

                                                            2 Replies
                                                              1. re: ellenost

                                                                It might be worse. Apparently the nomad has to reserve a large percentage of tables for hotel guests only every night and they give them up at the last second.

                                                              2. Went for dinner last night. The food was excellent, the best I have had in a while. The wine list was also one of the best I know. Real diversity and fair pricing, with most bottles around 2x retail and several good bottle under $40. The service was, however, strange. The timing of a number of things was off. It was hard to get a wine list, and our appetizers arrived before our wine. The servers seemed even nervous, with a manner that seemed both awkward and a bit over-the-top friendly for NYC fine dining. It didn't really bother me (in fact we laughed a bit), and some might even like the lack of formality. I would still gladly go back anytime, even if the service surprised me.

                                                                1 Reply
                                                                1. re: tazerowe

                                                                  We were there last night as well. All was delicious. The texture/crumb of the bread has improved since my last dinner. Our service was impeccable, especially with regard to the wine and water. This time we sat in the Parlour, which I much prefer over the Atrium.

                                                                2. has anyone dined on the rooftop yet?

                                                                  going tonight and have no idea what to expect

                                                                  so excited!

                                                                  2 Replies
                                                                  1. re: eb385

                                                                    Yes, GF and I went last Saturday night. It was fantastic. I have a review out there.


                                                                    1. re: eb385

                                                                      I went as well and put a review out there.


                                                                      I didn't find the food level to be quite worth the cost of admission but we did have a lovely time while we were there as I'm sure you will as well. Just won't be running back right away.

                                                                      On the flip side I've eaten at the downstairs NoMad twice now (and a bar snack night once) and the food is literally something I dream about. It's possible the rooftop just can't compete with my obsession with the chicken.

                                                                    2. went there for lunch saturday--blown away by food, space and service. food quantity a bit precious but still worth it. you got to check it out!!

                                                                      1. We have reservations for a Monday in September, early - 6:15. It's actually Rosh Hashanah and we'll be with friends coming in from California. I'm wondering if I should call to request a particular room or just take what they give us. I don't think we'll want to dine on the roof, but the other rooms all look so interesting in their own way - are they all equally lovely? I'm hoping the food / service won't be affected by the excitement surrounding Twenty First Century, Ltd. - I'd love to get a ticket on THAT train, but am hoping a night at NoMad will be a fine ride as well...

                                                                        1 Reply
                                                                        1. re: shaiken

                                                                          Service at the NoMad rooftop ends on 8/31 anyway, and the reservations were always separate (same day only, only through a separate web site, never on OpenTable or via phone).