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Mar 26, 2012 06:42 AM

Humm and Guidara's Nomad

Officially opens tonight. Let's get it started... Has anyone been? How is the service? Any standout dishes? Dare I ask how it stacks up against EMP?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks to all of your responses. The menu looks great. I'm looking forward to trying the vegetable entrees (love what EMP does with their vegetarian menu) and I'm sure my husband will go for suckling pig - can't resist it! I would love to hear someone's experience with the 7-course tasting if anyone's tried it. Looking forward to dinner on friday night...

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      1. re: chloes

        GF is a vegetarian so she had the beets app and then the asparagus with bread pudding and truffles as main, she absolutely loved it.

        And I forgot to mention, we shared a milk and honey for dessert, it was awesome.

      2. Great Thread! I'm actually going tonight and was just wondering about the fruits de mer platter. Sounds like a definite now. I'm also looking at the Sweetbreads, Beef Tartare, Trout and Chicken for two. There will only be two of us. That's probably way to much food? Any idea how big the portion sizes are?

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        1. re: roze

          Pleas do a write up when you get back!

        2. Sorry, I seem to have completely ignored parts of your question (the suckling pig is still clouding my mind).

          Regarding the service, taking into consideration how new everything is AND the fact they were deliberately maxxed out I think the service was EXTREMELY good, commendable really. The waitstaff is pleasant, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable, pacing was nicely done. Wine recommedations were seriously spot on BUT the only service hiccup was the wine delivery not syncing up with food.

          Stand out dishes: Everything we had!

          Snack - radishes with butter (we do this at home but this was so much better)
          App - taglitelle with lemon, black pepper, and crab (so perfectly balanced, love it)
          Main - pork belly with mustard seeds (with a crispy skin you would kill for)

          Hard to compare to EMP because I don't feel it wants to be compared to EMP. I will say the food is right there but the surroundings and level of "sophistication" are not intended to be as it is at EMP (and that is by NO MEANS a bad thing - it's just a different thing). This will be THE place to go when your are looking for fantastic food in a somewhat casual environment.

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          1. re: Spiritchaser

            The tagliatelle was not on the menu when we went. I would know since it's one of my favorite dishes ever from the EMP people and I think it works perfectly in an a la carte setting.

            The suckling pig we had was pulled meat confited, formed into a brick and then crispy skin on top. No idea about pork belly.

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              Sorry fooder, I misspoke, you are correct and I meant to say suckling pig.