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Mar 26, 2012 06:30 AM

Website for Personal Recipe Storage?

Anyone know of a good place online to store personal recipes and that allows for uploads so as not to type them all in?

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  1. I use Evernote. You can use it on desktops, laptops, tablets, or any mobile device, which is awesome because that means I have all of my recipes with me at all times (provided my cell signal is good!).

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      I also use Evernote a lot, for the reasons mentioned above. I don't have a ton of recipes, though, and Evernote isn't exactly a recipe database. it is very free form. So you'd have to create your own tagging/organizing strategies -- for example if you wanted to search for Italian dishes that use eggplant. Also, there is no built-in way to halve/double a recipe or create a shopping list or a menu plan.

      For food diarists, however, Evernote has a special app called Evernote Food. It is awesome for keeping track of your food adventures. Restaurants, individual dishes, special events, it is like a timeline of all of your food adventures.

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        I use Evernote. Very handy to have at the supermarket. When I see a good deal on meat or fish I can check my recipes to see if I need any additional ingredients.

    2. Have you checked out It allows you to import recipes from a number of supported websites, and lets you copy/paste your own recipes manually.

      1. I just put up everything in my Google Documents, which is linked to my Gmail. I have a folder in my Google Docs for recipes and after I print my online recipes to PDF, they all go into that folder (which you can organize with subfolders). I can access it on my phone as well and I can share the document with other people so it's perfect. This works for me.

        1. Thanks everyone. I have not looked into those. I just took a look at which sounds a bit like PepperPlate. Does evernote allow you to upload a photo or a recipe or PDF of a recipe that you have on your phone or computer or do you have to type everything in? Thats the big kicker since I have a lot of loose (not in a magazine) recipes that I want to put somewhere and get rid of the paper or note card.

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            Evernote would allow you to upload a photo or PDF -- that's one of the things it does best -- but it won't convert it into a recipe or text. It will stay a photo or PDF (or whatever file you upload like Word or Excel). That means the text in your uploaded files won't be searchable.