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Mar 26, 2012 06:13 AM

Where to buy brown mustard seeds

Where can I buy brown mustard seeds in Boston or the surrounding area

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  1. Plenty of options, but I'd probably go to Indian grocery stores. Specialty spice stores (Christina's, Penzy's) should have them too.

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      Yah, certainly the Indian stores in Waltham have them for small money.

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        Christina's definitely has them; I get them there routinely. But yes, any Indian market should have them, they're a basic staple.

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          I can confirm that Penzey's in Arlington has them.

        2. Pretty sure Polcari's in the N E has them, if that's close.

          Probably better turnover in the Indian places.

          1. Those are all great suggestions, Thank you very much

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              There is a half decent Indian Grocery in Central Square near the Harvest food coop.

              If you like Indian groceries it really is worth a trip to Waltham, especially as we are approaching mango season.

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                This may need another thread, but any estimate on the first Alphonse or Kesar mango siting in the Boston Metro area?

            2. Harvest coop in Central has a fantastic selection of spices, including brown mustard seeds.